Obama Safe School Czar is a supporter of NAMBLA(North American Man-Boy Love Association)

Kevin David Jennings is Obama’s Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. Wow! Is that cool? Obama is so concerned with ‘the children’ he’s got an assistant deputy secretary just to monitor schools so they are safe. Unfortunately, Obama chose a guy who’s a radical homosexual who believes it’s okay for adult men to have sexual relations with young boys (that’s very young boys). What a perfect person to have directing educators. In fact, NAMBLA thinks it should be legal for adult men to marry boys under the age of 10 years old.

I’m sure that Obama and his thugs did the proper vetting of Kevin David Jennings which means the Obama Administration must be pro-NAMBLA. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama himself thinks statuatory rape of a 15 year old boy is acceptable behavior. Must be true since we all know that the Obama Administration has this thorough 62 page vetting document used for all potential White House employees. Course, there is that little trick Obama uses when he’s got tax cheats, felons, Valerie Jarrett’s connection to Habitat Company and now the NAMBLA loving Kevin David Jennings.  Obama just grants an ethics exemption! Those Democrats just think of everything.  Granting an ethics exemption, think about it.

Here’s another interesting little tidbit that I’m sure would have been extremely difficult for the Secret Service and FBI to dig up. Kevin David Jennings wrote the forward for a book called “Queering Elementary Education”. BTW, another person endorsing the book is Bill Ayers. There’s much more on Jennings’ overt promotion of teaching children how to perform homosexual acts. There’s damning video.

I strongly encourage concerned parents to read: Protecting Children–Not right or left, just right or wrong