Here's the video of Chinese Flag flown on White House Lawn (at the same level as US Flag)

Back on August 24th I had a post about Obama allowing China to fly their flag on the White House lawn and there was a commenter telling me that story had been debunked.

Um…this rumor has been debunked. Never trust a Chinese newspaper as a source…

Comment by Geoff — September 16, 2009 @ 10:30 pm |Edit This

Guess you were wrong Geoff, because this did occur and here’s the video.

The Obama administration made history on Sunday September 20, 2009 for allowing the communist government of China to raise their national flag to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the birth of the totalitarian communist regime that enslaves over 1 billion people in China.

Some additional information from ALIPAC:

We now have solid confirmation that the communist government of China did in fact raise their flag above Washington, DC for the first time this past Sunday, September 20, 2009.

Official Chinese media sources originally proclaimed that the flag of the People’s Republic of China would be raised on the secured south lawn of the White House, where American groups cannot get permits for events.

When news of this event got out on the web and talk radio, there was an intense backlash. ALIPAC’s repeated calls to the White House information offices, as well as calls from bloggers and talk radio show hosts went unanswered.

Then the Obama administration told a news source that the rumors were unfounded and just another example of how the Internet misleads people. They failed to mention that the Chines flag raising ceremony was indeed a reality.

Here you can see the video of the Chinese communist flag being raised in Washington, DC with much fanfare and expense. It is being raised to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover of China in 1949. In 1949, communist dictator Mao Zedong placed almost 1 billion people under the slavery of communism and forced American ally Chiang Kai-shek into exile in Taiwan.

The Communist Government of China then proceeded to engage in “comprehensive reforms” that led to the deaths of 36 million people due to oppression and famine.

snip…Since America’s politicians seem to be having trouble making decisions that are in the best interest of the American public these days, we thought you might want to see this video of America’s communist military enemies raising their flag over our Capital with much celebration

So much for unfounded rumors Obama. What? Were you just lying and figured no one would notice!

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