Democrat Sham Healthcare ‘Shell’ Bill to be rushed

This is what they are calling a conceptual bill.

Here’s the plan from the Heritage Blog

Their plan is to proceed to a House passed non-health care bill to provide a shell of legislation to give Obamacare a ride to the House then to the President’s desk. Sound confusing? We lay out the steps below, but essentially the Senate would pass health care reform as an amendment to a completely unrelated bill so the Senate and House could act quickly and without further debate. Even worse? Nobody really knows what that legislation looks like but they plan on voting for it anyway.

Right now, the Senate Finance Committee is in the midst of marking up health care reform “legislation.” Due to Senate procedure, what they are actually marking up is a 200+ page conceptual framework of the actual legislation, not a real bill. That means that not only has no Senator even read the bill but, there is a high probability that the bill hasn’t even been written yet. If the Committee sticks to their artificial deadline of completing work by this Friday then they would have passed a conceptual document reforming the nation’s health care system, spending trillions, without ever seeing an estimated 1,500 pages of legislation, which may or may not be written.

The plan is to start debate early next week with a 4 step scenario.

Go read the the 4 step sham these corruptocrats plan to use to ram this down the throats of Americans.

BTW – they will be using H.R. 1586 which was approved a few months back in the House. It’s the bill to tax AIG at 90% for any bonuses. Remember, Rep. Zach Wamp, that bill you voted yes on? That was shortly after you had met with a group of conservative bloggers here in Middle Tennessee. In that meet up you repeatedly talked about your free market principles and beliefs. You spoke about your regret in voting for the TARP bill and would take back the vote if you could. Hard to believe you really have any beliefs or principles. Sad to say, after the meet up I was somewhat impressed with you. At least until I saw your vote on the taxing of bonuses.

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