Rep Jim Cooper, you need to do a bit more research

Rep Jim Cooper (D-Tn-5) recently sent a reply letter to one of his constituents who had inquired about his vote to continue funding for the community organization ACORN which not only has been charged and found guilty of voter registration fraud but now is caught on video promoting and supporting tax fraud, prostitution, child prostitution and human trafficking.

Here’s Rep. Cooper’s response:

Dear Ms. XXXXX:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your concerns regarding the Association of Community Organizers. I appreciate your input and would like to take the opportunity to respond.

I understand your concerns and have followed this matter closely. I recently voted for an amendment that would restrict certain federal funds from being used by any organization that employs individuals indicted under federal laws related to the election of federal offices. That being said, it is also important to note that this organization has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing and has publicly stated that they are not seeking any federal funding for voter registration.

I appreciate you sharing your opinion on this matter and will keep your concerns in mind. Feel free to contact me with any future comments or concerns.

Jim Cooper
Member of Congress

I suggest Rep Cooper get his research staff to go to a search engine and enter the the words “ACORN voter registration fraud” or how about “Dale Rathke embezzler”, they might just learn something.

Today, the NY Post has a story on the history of ACORN’s radicalism and criminal enterprise.


*In 1998 an ACORN employee was arrested for falsifying voter registration forms in Arkansas. The next year, authorities in Philadelphia confiscated hundreds of registration forms because one ACORN employee wrote them all. This was the first of many voter registration frauds that ACORN would be accused of in subsequent years.

*Since 2004, members of the activist group in as many as nine states have been charged with crimes related to voter registration fraud. To date about 50 people have been arrested, and approximately 30 have resulted in guilty pleas for ACORN-related voter fraud.

snip….In 2007, Washington authorities filed felony charges against seven people who committed voter registration fraud while working for ACORN — the worst case of voter fraud in Washington’s history. The organization had to pay officials $25,000 for investigative costs.

* During the 2008 presidential campaign “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald Duck” were just some of the crazy names put on bogus voter registration forms submitted by ACORN. The group claimed to have registered 1.3 million voters, but more than 400,000 of those forms were later deemed fraudulent or incomplete by election authorities. An ACORN manager said the group hired “lazy crackheads” who needed money to collect signatures in Nevada. Convicted felons living in transitional housing in Las Vegas were recruited by ACORN organizers and were promised bonuses — which is illegal in Nevada — if they got 20 or more new voter sign ups a day. The organization was slapped with two dozen felonies by the Nevada attorney general.

There’s more to be found on ACORN arrests and indictments Rep. Cooper. Instead of trying to lie to your constituents about a criminal organization that you want to continue to fund why don’t you just admit you support this criminal organization because it’s in bed with the Democrat Party.

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