Blackfive Jumping into Politics

Go support Matt Burden of Blackfive, he’s jumping into Illinois politics! Matt served his country for 20 years in the Army, then served his country through his support of our troops with his website Blackfive. Matt’s dedication to our military members has been inspiring for many years, I’m amazed he’s jumping into the arena of Illinois politics. Illinois definitely needs a clean up with their political scene.

Go thank Matt for all his years of service and donate to his campaign for Illinois State Representative for the 41st District.

Oh, btw, Matt calls himself a Reagan Republican. I have so much confidence in Matt’s politics, I donated before even checking his political affiliation. Then I read the comments on his post declaring his run for office where Matt gave out the info. In all these years of knowing Matt I knew he had to have those values. A person just doesn’t do what Matt has done for all these years without that kind of value and belief system.