Send your legislator the “Congressional Healthcare Equality Pledge”

Last week we were discussing the looming onslaught from the Democrats and Obama on health care “reform”. Considering that legislators have the golden goose when it comes to health care coverage, it just doesn’t seem right that all us lowly average citizens have to live by the rules and regulations of Obama’s change in health care yet none of these officials will have to live by the same rules. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

For those who believe this healthcare reform has anything to do with choice, it is anything but!

As a result, CWAN put this pledge together and we hope you all send it far and wide to all of your friends and you all continuously snail mail or fax this pledge to your legislators. Once a legislator signs the pledge, the signed pledge should be mailed to the address provided on the pledge. CWAN will update the CWAN site with all the legislators who have signed and returned the pledge.

Link to download pledge pdf file


Congressional Healthcare Equality Pledge

Contact Information:
Jean Barwick or Toni Albani
Conservative Women’s Action Network
[email protected]

(Franklin, TN–July 16, 2009) The Conservative Women¹s Action Network (CWAN) of Tennessee today launched a nationwide initiative to bring the health care concerns of average Americans directly to the Congress and the Senate.

“This is a unique and powerful initiative that will restore the people’s confidence in our government and our elected representatives,” says Jean Barwick, spokeswoman for the Williamson County Tennessee group. “We are asking every elected official in the US House of Representatives and the Senate to pledge their support of the government option health care legislation by canceling their enrollment in the taxpayer funded Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and enrolling themselves in the government option. Signing this pledge will demonstrate to every American that our legislators believe the public/federal option in health care reform is the correct direction to take this country.”

Despite warnings from the Congressional Budget Office that health care costs under this plan will increase, not decrease as lawmakers claimed, Congress is moving the $1.5 trillion plan forward. Concern over the undetermined administrative and payment mechanism costs and the negative impact on small businesses and jobs combined with the government’s historically poor track record on government entitlement programs makes the unfair application of this legislation unacceptable to American taxpayers.

CWAN member Toni Albani says, “No American citizen should have to accept that a legislator’s sick child is receiving more prompt and better care than their own sick children. If passing this legislation is as urgent as the President claims, legislators should feel the same pressures as the citizens and be subject to the same risks and benefits that come with the government option. We are confident that every member of the House of Representatives and the Senate, in the interest of fairness and equality for all Americans, will sign this pledge.”

The Congressional Health Care Equality Pledge is available for download at www.cwan.org and concerned citizens are asked to print and mail the pledge to their legislators in every state. A link is provided on the site for the names and addresses of the legislators from each state. The pledge asks legislators to sign and return their pledges to the Conservative Women’s Action Network.

“This single show of good faith could turn the corner for a better relationship between the American people and our lawmakers,” concludes Barwick. “We’re all in this together and we all take the bad with the good. We look forward to a strong show of unity from our legislators on this health care pledge.”

Here’s a great link to find your Representative and Senators based on your zip code.

Here’s a link for members of the House selecting by state.

Here’s a link for members of the Senate selecting by state.

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