Had my first real Twitter battle today and disappointing doesn't begin to cover it

And it’s only February!

I got into my first official Twitter battle today… and it was with a heavy weight of sorts. Naturally it was about the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

As a spirited supporter of Marco Rubio, I was thoroughly dismayed to see a hit piece dropped on him by the propaganda site Breitbart News on the eve of the South Carolina primary, although my spirits were lifted when I saw Rubio finally respond to what has been a concerted effort at the website for months to destroy him — I can’t help but think that Andrew Breitbart must be rolling over in his grave with what his name is now associated with.

But please don’t take my word for it … from a former contributor:


I was equally dismayed to see Fox News’ Todd Starnes give lift to the attack piece by promoting it in a tweet. I’ve always admired Starnes for his efforts to draw national attention to the attacks on Christianity, but respectfully engaged to express my disappointment.

Having been paying attention these past few week, I smelled a tactic that would fit right in at the Ted Cruz campaign, thus my inquiry:

That comment resulted in the following exchange:



Feeling confident that he nabbed me — it would have taken him one click of the mouse to see I support Rubio — Starnes sent this tweet out to his 62K followers, presumably to turn them on me. You know, being Christian and all that. An attempt that resulted in three, maybe four responses, with one siding against him.


Again, I inquired as to whether he had any allegiance to Cruz, as I willingly disclosed my allegiance to Rubio and Starnes STILL had not answered the question.

Then this happened… putz.


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