Republican Party tagline through 2016: ‘We’re not them’

Thirty-five days until the November election and the Republican Party has long since gone to ground.

If we didn’t know better, we’d swear Boehner, McConnell and Co. had members locked in a basement somewhere deep within the U.S. Capitol — the federal witness protection program has nothing on the GOP when it comes to the art of disappearing.

With polls indicating favorable results for the party on Nov. 4 — Real Clear Politics Average has the GOP up 3.8 points in the latest Congressional Generic Vote polling data — Republican leadership is walking on eggshells in hopes of making it to election day without a serious blunder.

Recent history shows that’s a legitimate concern. Right, Todd Akin?

The chances of the Republican Party regaining a majority in the U.S. Senate are also looking better, even if Dick Morris has gone on the record to say he agrees.

And the incredible thing is, the Republican Party arrived at this advantageous position without doing much of anything other than not being Team Obama.

While things continue to deteriorate on both the home front and on the world stage because of the lack of leadership coming from 1400 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., those who criticize President Obama for leading from behind are content with backing into the November election.

The GOP is willing to hide under their desks in exchange for electoral success, even as the world around them collapses. Which brings up a legitimate question: What kind of leadership can we expect should Republicans take control of both houses in Congress?

Sadly, the Wall Street Journal has already answered that question in an article published earlier this month that suggested if the GOP gains control of both chambers, there will be an emphasis to avoid “a sharply confrontational tone that some Republicans fear could endanger the party’s electoral prospects in 2016.”

Or, in other words, more of the same weak-kneed approach until Nov. 2016.

The mind boggling reality is, as incompetent as the progressive left shows itself to be, the Republican Party seems incapable of showing the American people that it offers anything better, other than “we’re not them.”

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