DC Is 'Doing Just Fine', Even As America Continues To Struggle


Gallup just released Barack Obama’s job approval rating for the first half of 2012 and the news is not encouraging. His approval rating is below 50% in 37 states, ranging from a 26% rating in Utah to a 49% rating in Michigan.

But Obama rules in Washington, D.C. – literally and figuratively – where he enjoys his highest job approval rating at an astonishing 83%.

And why shouldn’t they love Obama? This is the age of big government in America and under his tutelage big government is having another stellar year.

POLITICO has a new report on the wide disparity between the D.C. economy and that of the real world, taking a look at the yawning gap between the American people and D.C.’s elite when it comes to their economic reality — and their economic perceptions.

Having just returned from three days in Washington, where I attended Americans for Prosperity’s annual ‘Defending the American Dream‘ summit, I can attest that there are few signs of economic distress in hotels, restaurants or stores in the D.C. metro area.

In fact, the town is vibrant. A veritable boom town, as POLITICO suggests. Unemployment is just 6%, well below the national average and you’ll even see construction cranes dotting the skyline – a rare sight these days in the hinterland.

When Obama said the private sector is doing fine, that’s a result of what’s happening all around him inside the ‘beltway bubble’.

And when he said “you didn’t build that, someone else did it”, Obama is referencing what he sees from his front porch at the White House – the D.C. economy is a direct by-product of the U.S. Government.

It’s hard not to feel proud of America when you’re in our nation’s capital, being surrounded by reminders of it’s great history, yet, at the same time, you can almost feel the bleeding of the U.S. Treasury.

Interestingly, the Far Left continues to push the class warfare narrative, yet, may not realize just how accurate they are. There really is class disparity in America – between the governing class and the average American citizen.

As I read the POLITICO article, it brought to mind a conversation I had last year with a staffer of consummate Washington insider Rep. John Mica. He was speaking at length on Mica’s long range visions for rail and I asked if they ever gave any thought to a potential economic collapse brought on by all the spending. His response was that they choose to be optimistic about America’s future.

Or completely out of touch. In closing, POLITICO states;

It doesn’t take polls and studies to know that much of America thinks very little of the Washington governing class.

Indeed, one of the defining characteristics of this election cycle has been the rise of anti-establishment political power in key races — fueled by a belief that this city just doesn’t get it. The old perks of power, such as chairmanships and pork, are often liabilities as voters turn to tea party candidates and newcomers opposed by the establishments of both parties.

The disconnect between D.C. elites and the general public is stoking the growth of more direct popular movements like MoveOn and [the] tea party,” said Mark Penn, who helped conduct the poll. “The D.C. elites are largely isolated from the economic downturn, and this means that they can easily fail to understand the depth of dissatisfaction out in the country.”

Disregard the shameless plug for MoveOn.org, which existed well before the economic downturn, and this could have been a direct reference to Florida’s CD7 primary between John Mica and freshman Rep. Sandy Adams.

Yes, Washington and the political elite are doing “just fine”… on your dime. Meanwhile, America continues to struggle.

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