John Mica; Majority Leader Eric Cantor Has Failed Us?


Let’s be clear, Rep. John Mica DID NOT not say Majority Leader Eric Cantor has “failed us”.

HOWEVER, in an ad targeting his opponent in the contentious CD7 Republican primary, freshman Congresswoman Sandy Adams, Mica outlines 6 votes on budget and spending bills that she voted against.

“Sandy Adams talks about reducing the deficit. Given the chance, she failed us,” a narrator in the commercial says.

The problem is, Eric Cantor sided with tea party favorite Adams on all four of the six votes for which he was present.

So it stands to reason, if Sandy Adams “failed us”, so too did Eric Cantor, does it not?

For the record, on three of the six votes, Adams voted with the majority of Republicans, including one in which she sided with 195 other Republicans against 38 others including Mica. So is Mica saying that the majority of Republicans have “failed us”?

Furthermore, the Adams campaign released a statement saying the Mica ad accuses her of voting against legislation, H. Con. Res. 34, which is Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget, in which she voted AYE. The bill passed the House by a vote of 235-193.

The ad in question is just the latest effort by the 20 year incumbent that has been found to be misleading or blatantly dishonest.

As previously covered, FactCheck.org took issue with a Mica mailer sent out a few weeks back, as did the Orlando Sentinel on a separate mailer and the local ABC affiliate WFTV on his first commercial aired in the race. In all three cases, the content presented was found to be “misleading”.

“Over the past 20 years, Washington insider John Mica has mastered the art of manipulation,” said spokeswoman Lisa Boothe. “Facing the toughest primary challenge of his political career, Mica is desperately scrambling to rebrand himself as a conservative”

With his sizable financial advantage, Mica has little trouble getting this fabrication in front of voters, and seemingly less trouble with the total lack of honesty and integrity.

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