John Mica Campaign Charged For Third Time With Misleading Voters

FactCheck.org did an analysis of a campaign mailer sent out by 20-year incumbent Rep. John Mica targeting his opponent in the August 14th primary, freshman Congresswoman Sandy Adams.

The verdict? “Misleading.”

In the campaign mailer, Mica claims that Adams was someone President Obama “counted on” to “approve” stimulus spending. Not really. Sandy Adams, is a freshman who arrived in Washington nearly two years after the stimulus passed into law.

The flier’s evidence – in fine print – is Adams’ record in the Florida legislature. She voted to approve two state budgets as a state representative, which contained federal stimulus money.


The mailer’s flip side misleadingly claims Mica was the only Republican in the race to vote against the stimulus. He was the only one who had a chance. Adams – the only other Republican on the primary ballot – was still in the Florida statehouse.

FPP recently covered the stimulus issue, along with several other charges HERE.

Whether he’s advocating for a tax increase, all the while saying he’s not, or accepting the title of ‘mentor’ for the freshman class, even as he disparages these freshmen as being “amateur hour” in need of “help finding the bathroom”, it’s clear Mica is willing to push the limits on how far he will go to reach voters.

The FactCheck.org analysis is just the latest finding of Mica playing fast and loose with the truth. From two local media sources regarding another mailer and a TV ad;

Orl Sentinel Mica Mailer About I-4 Tolls Called Misleading

After steering legislation through Congress allowing toll lanes to be added to Interstate 4, U.S. Rep. John Mica is now taking credit for… blocking toll lanes on Interstate 4.

A campaign mailer from the Winter Park Republican, who is locked in a tough primary battle with U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams of Orlando in the Seminole County-based 7th Congressional District, includes a headline hailing Mica for “stopping” tolls on the nation’s Interstate highway system. Next to it is a big picture of the word “toll” with a bright-red slash through it.

WFTV 9Mica Campaign Ad Factual, But Misleading

Mica’s ad promotes him as a “real deal” conservative. The ad’s fact statements are literally true, Foglesong said. Mica voted against the Obama stimulus and health care plans, against airport funding that Sen. Harry Reid wanted, and most importantly, that he voted 12 times against raising the federal debt limit – all true.

But the ad is also misleading, according to Foglesong, because it depicts Mica as a deficit hawk, which he is not.

With a sizable financial advantage, Mica understands he can put misleading information out there all day long and Adams has limited resources to correct the record. In the end, it’s all about winning an election. And when it comes to winning, there seems to be no such thing as a bridge too far for John Mica.


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