A Walk Into The Future With Sandy Adams

adamswalkWith the local Tea Party movement having announced Friday it’s backing of Rep. Sandy Adams in her CD7 primary battle with 20 year incumbent Rep. John Mica, it seemed to be as good a time as any to publicly commit in this race.

Much to chagrin of the Mica campaign, and with some degree of satisfaction, I’d guess, based on a seemingly ever present need to pat themselves on the back for being right, in this case on their claims of my bias in this race – although, I’m not sure that I ever denied such a bias.

It’s not like this new development somehow disavows any previous reporting. After all, facts are a stubborn thing. Nonetheless, as a card-carrying member of the Tea Party, it was my duty to put action to words.

With the Adams campaign having a precinct walk scheduled Saturday AM, this seemed to be a fitting venue to act on my new public stance. Having been accused time and again by the Mica camp of being “duped” by Adams, I also fell for the line that walking a precinct on her behalf would be a “pleasant surprise”.

With a willing attitude, plenty of water and a hand towel to collect my sweat equity, I reported for duty bright and early on an already sweltering summer morning. After a few words of inspiration from Adams herself, my very capable walking partner and I gathering our marching orders and were off.

We were walking a well maintained middle income neighborhood in the Longwood area and our first surprise was that a lot of folks were answering the door. It didn’t take long to realize that the Adams’ claim of the experience being a ‘pleasant surprise’ was right on the money.

Most were aware of who John Mica is, yet I heard time and again how these voters were not overly impressed with him as a representative or felt that he had been around “a little too long”.

I was also pleased to learn that I was not the only one who found his never ending TV commercial very irritating. In fact, after hearing some of the comments, I encourage Mica to keep running it. On it’s own, this commercial may tip the balance to Adams!

Typical of many in this country, most of the folks we spoke with were not paying a lot of attention to the race and were somewhat undecided on who they would eventually support – which is why these precinct walks are so important.

I was encouraged to hear more than one person bring up our national debt and voice their lack of faith in Congress to actually do something about it. Folks seem to understand what the real problem is in this country. A good sign.

In a little over 3 hours, we encountered just three Mica supporters; only one of which openly acknowledged his support, the other two weren’t as keen on the idea of going on the record with their affinity.

Interestedly, all three shared a common trait, which I verified with my very reasonable walking partner to ensure that my observations were not a product of my “bias” – each possessed a very surly disposition.

All in all, very fitting it seems.

Ultimately, folks seem to get it that ‘business as usual’ is not going to solve our many pressing challenges and are open to the idea of bringing about real change in Washington, D.C. Yet many are just coming to the realization that they have a solid alternative in this race in Sandy Adams, which should motivate any of you considering getting involved.

The Adams campaign will be out there again next Saturday and if you are interested in learning more, email;

Anne Lesser at [email protected]

Jared Stout at [email protected]

I plan to be there, assuming the Florida Legislature fails to act in time on my soon to be crafted letter beseeching them to outlaw all outdoor campaign activity in the state of Florida during the months of July and August!

Cross-posted at Florida Political Press