Founding Fathers Were 'Wrong And Immoral'


In a brief respite from the joys of the circular firing squad known as conservative politics, today’s column focuses on the left… the far left… the ‘progressive left‘, a.k.a. the Democratic Party.

The Florida Progressive Coalition Blog put out a piece yesterday titled The Constitution Is NOT the Bible. Typically, I avoid the drivel coming from the far left for selfish reasons, namely to keep my head from exploding, however, this piece so accurately captures the state of mind of the far left that it makes an excellent case study.

Before I get into the content, a little background on the FPC Blog. It’s the product of Kenneth Quinnell, who describes it as “a network of concerned citizens, bloggers and activists that believe in a commitment to equality, fairness, justice, effective and efficient government, protecting our natural resources and moving our state and country forward.”

Quinnell is a professor at Tallahassee Community College who teaches American history and political science – surprise, surprise. According to ‘Rate My Professor’, he’s “strict”, “very liberal”, “bitter” and “extremely anal about grammar” – he’ll have a field day with this column should he stumble across it.

He identifies himself as a “political activist” and has been an active blogger here in Florida for some time. He has written for Daily Kos, Crooks & Liars and a few other left wing outlets, occasionally under the moniker T Rex. He also advocates on behalf of SEIU and other union organizations.

He is also listed as a ‘Senior Advisor’ for Progress Florida, a nonprofit organization that promotes progressive values such as social justice, health care reform, environmental protection, economic fairness and strengthening public education.

In short, fellow tea partiers, this individual is the epitome of what we have been up against for the past three years.

If you click on the ‘About’ tab on the Florida Progressive Coalition Blog web page, you will find the word ‘progressive’ used 6 times in a short description listed – and a cheap shot at Republicans. Typical of the left, there seems to be an intentional avoidance of defining what ‘progressive‘ means. Look the word up in the dictionary and here’s what you’ll find;


/prəˈgrɛsɪv/ Show Spelled[pruhgres-iv] – adjective

1. favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters: a progressive mayor.

2. making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.: a progressive community.

Now I’m sure that’s exactly what our progressive friends want you to think when you hear the term, but in reality, ‘progressive‘ stands for social justice, reparations, wealth redistribution and cradle to grave entitlement, the belief that the state is far more capable of caring for your needs than you are as an individual.

Clearly, there’s little compatibility with Reagan’s view that “if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?”

I realize this is an incredibly long lead in, however, it’s important to lay the proper groundwork here. So back to yesterday’s blog by the good professor…

To spare you the agony of reading it yourself, I’ll list a few highlights. Of course, you are free to indulge, but I recommend a role of duct tape…

Professor Quinnell’s premise is that those who support “bad policy” fall back on the Constitution as a means to support the position. He refers to this as “the nonsensical constitutional principle of “originialism”, where the founding fathers expectations are used to understand the original intent.

In this regard, he states… “who cares what the founding fathers said? It’s not relevant for three reasons” –

1. The law is not what they said, it’s only what they passed
2. They are dead and didn’t live through any of the outgrowth of their original ideas or any of the changes to the way the world works that came after them
3. A lot of what they thought and was wrong or immoral

He then pursues the prerequisite task of denigrating the founders that is now standard fare from the left;

“The founding fathers are somehow thought of as immortal men who were perfect in every way. They weren’t. They owned slaves. They treated women and children as property. They killed Native Americans in significant numbers. They thought that only the wealthy — landowners — should have the right to vote.”

He then directs his angst on the Constitution itself, saying;

“While it has great symbolic value, it was also a very flawed document. There is not one sentence or clause of the whole document that is perfect and there is no logic in sticking with something just because that something is what we’ve always done. The simple fact is the Constitution is a guide and it is a living and unfinished document.”

Sound familiar? He adds… “Nowhere does the document limit the federal government’s power to deal with most issues.”

A truly scary concept that completely deviates from the basic principle of the founders that government is to be feared and restrained. Oddly, I don’t recall the far left having such confidence in government when G.W. Bush was sitting in the White House.

But were Quinnell goes completely off track is when he states;

“I deal with what is right and wrong, not what is legal or illegal. If the government and/or the Constitution say something immoral, then I’m not going to agree with them nor am I going to defer to their point of view or say that I have to because “it’s the law.”

As written in ‘A Nation Of Men Not Laws, author Robert Feinman explains that one of the founding principles of America is that it is to be a nation of laws, not men. He explains that “the flaws of the European history of power emanating from royalty and then passing down to the nobility and, via personal preferment, to court courtiers was all too real to the founders.”

Progressives seem to think that the institution of government was invented in the past 100 years. They forget or intentionally disregard the basic fact that the foundation for the Constitution was based on principles gathered from James Madison’s years of study about the history of government.

This is all so critically important because the progressive left understands that it must circumvent the Constitution and the laws of this land to institute their ‘statist’ agenda. We saw a clear example of this when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid shoved ObamaCare down the throats of Americans. This is where the real battle lies, folks.

And what is the most scary thing about all of this is that Professor Kenneth Quinnell is teaching our children…

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