With Endorsement Of Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio Shows He Gets It


Now that Sen. Marco Rubio has taken the bold step to endorse in the GOP presidential primary, the critics have come out in force. Given the significance of the decision, the fallout has been of equal magnitude.

With so much at stake, the emotion is understandable.

In an interview this week with the Daily Caller, the freshman Senator from Florida let it be known that Obama’s recent ‘open mic’ gaffe with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sparked his endorsement of Mitt Romney;

“It’s been weighing on my mind all week,” he said.

“I’ve never thought about this as a political calculation,” Rubio said of his endorsement. “I’m just sitting back here and watching a president that just got back from overseas — where he told the Russian president to work with him and give him space so he can be more flexible if he gets re-elected.”

“The stakes are so high. We’re not running against John F. Kennedy here,” he said.

“We have to win this election in November. We have to!” he averred. “If we don’t win this election in November — and we get four more years of Barack Obama — I don’t know what that means … But I know it ain’t good.”

This is a clear indication that Rubio gets the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. And why shouldn’t he? His family has lived the experience of socialism first hand and have seen the debilitating effects it has on the human spirit.

Many in the conservative movement drone on about Romney being Obama-lite and there being no difference between the two. And the further right you go, the louder the outcry. This opinion being uttered by those who’ve lived a life of relative security, having never faced the experience of losing everything a family has spent generations building, including the ground beneath it’s feet.

It is in this light that I suggest Marco Rubio is uniquely qualified to make this judgement…

Serving as a stark reminder is a photo of Marco sitting next to his father that hangs in his Washington office – not in his private quarters, but on display out in the reception area. A conscience decision, I submit, hung there to remind all who come calling of Rubio’s heritage, so that they in turn will hold him accountable to that legacy.

Mitt Romney is a capitalist, through and through. Barack Obama? Not so much. And therein lies a profound difference that every American should be aware of and of whom Rubio decides to cast his lot with should weigh considerably.

As a tea partier, Mitt Romney has never been my first choice. Yet, there is a saying; ‘to the victor goes the spoils’. The other candidates in the race have had their chances and then some to prevail and have failed to seize the opportunity. The tea party has had the opportunity to push a candidate more to their liking forward and have also failed, for the same reason as always. An excruciating inability to coalesce around a common objective, or common candidate in this case.

The real strength of the tea party has always been the power behind it’s numbers. Thin those numbers out over a myriad of issues and/or candidates and it becomes just another voice in the wilderness.

And with a series of actions, culminating with today’s announcement that Rep. Paul Ryan will be endorsing Romney, the Republican Party is serving notice that it will do whatever is necessary to prevent a brokered convention.

Simply put, it’s over folks. It’s time to focus on the real challenge and that is defeating Barack Obama and the progressive left ideology that threatens all that has made America the greatest country in human history. An ideology of which four more years we cannot stand.

It is time to do battle. It is time to grab the weapon you have, enhance it as best you can, and commence to fighting.

Are you to count yourself among those standing shoulder to shoulder in the quest to secure the future of a country that our Founding Fathers sacrificed so dearly for on your behalf? Or are you to be but a witness calling from the sideline in this age-old struggle for self reliance that has only once in all of history seen the people emerge victorious?

Marco Rubio gets it… and I stand with Marco Rubio.


Cross-Posted at Florida Political Press

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