It's Time To Bring Our Troops Home From 7th Century Afghani Hell

It’s official, I am now against the war in Afghanistan.

In the wake of the ‘sensitivity’ of the Koran burning incident and the U.S. soldier who went off the deep end, killing 16 Afghan civilians, we are now learning of the death a 22-yr-old Marine who was shot in the back of the head by an Afghan soldier at an outpost last month.


In what is a previously undisclosed case of apparent Afghan treachery, the incident marked at least the seventh killing of an American military member by his supposed ‘ally’ in the past six weeks.

As tragic as this latest act of cowardice may be, and I can only imagine the incredible stress this must place on our soldiers, it was not the act itself that led me to finally say enough is enough. It is the realization that the news we’re getting from Afghanistan is now being censored and we are not being told the truth – it was initially stated that the soldier had died “while conducting combat operations”.

In short, Afghanistan has become a politicians’ war and that is when the ghosts of Vietnam come calling. And for that I say not one more life should be lost, bring our troops home now!

The truth is, the Obama administration is quietly negotiating our surrender anyway, just as Henry Kissinger did so many years ago. And just as no one expected the South Vietnamese government to stand very long in our absence, no reasonable person expects the Afghan government to fare any better.

The only remaining mission I can see in Afghanistan is to prevent President Karzai from fleeing in exile to some exotic location with billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars while allied troops are still on the ground. That and preventing the country from completely reverting back to the 7th century before we’re out.

And since the politicians can’t avoid playing war, here’s an opportunity for the Republican Party to take the lead on calling for an immediate withdrawal.

Not only will the GOP gain favor with the vast majority of Americans who have grown weary of a war our troops are not being permitted to win and now just want these brave Americans brought home, but they will also put Obama and the Democrats in the position of defending our continued presence there.

And if Obama concedes and acts, Republicans can then take credit… either way, America is all the better for the decision.

Well, who says I can’t dream…

The real irony here is the anti-war movement that was at a fever pitch when Bush was in office is now completely silent. When’s the last time you’ve heard Cindy Sheehan’s name mentioned? The entire anti-war crowd has proven to be little more than hypocritical far left ideologues who only complain when war is being waged by the right.


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