Romney Wins Nevada, Just Ask The Media

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Mitt Romney thumps Newt Gingrich… Romney handily defeated Newt Gingrich… Romney cruised to a dominating victory The Romney victory a decisive win… Romney obliterated Gingrich.

Gingrich’s performance has been pretty disastrous Comparatively poor showing by Gingrich.

While scanning the news this morning, the above captions are from various national outlets reporting on yesterday’s Nevada caucuses. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Mitt Romney won.

With 71.1 percent of precincts reporting, the former Massachusetts governor had 48% of the vote, with Newt Gingrich in second place with 23%, followed by Ron Paul with 19% and Rick Santorum was in fourth with 11%.

I’m not sure why only 71% of the precincts are shown as reporting the morning after, however, when you consider this is Harry Reid country, it makes sense that it may take a little time to “sort” out the results.

And for those paying attention, the totals show that non-Romney (52%) continues to outperform Romney (48%).

Just after the Florida Primary, there was a report that the media would now ‘pull the plug on Newt’;

Presidential candidates survive on the oxygen of media coverage. It’s what keeps them going, enables them to keep raising money. Once the coverage is withdrawn, it’s only a matter of time before their candidacies expire. Out of sight, out of mind, out of money.

Which appears to be a tactic well underway… unless there’s bad news to report which serves to further the task at hand.

So Romney wins Nevada. The only shocking thing about Nevada would have been had the race been tight. Romney carried the state in 2008, where eventual nominee John McCain finished a distant third, behind even Ron Paul

And Mormons account for 25% of registered Republican voters and overwhelmingly support Romney.

Here’s another tidbit that puts the opening terminology in a little better perspective, Nevada allocates its 28 delegates proportionally, which means that Romney picked up 10 delegates to Newt’s 4.

Yet, a leading Romney backer in Nevada was calling for Gingrich to drop out of the race instead of continuing to divide the party. Naturally, this ally was not as insistent on Dr. Paul and Santorum, who continue to split the non-Romney vote ensuring Romney’s success, to follow suit.

The supporter, Nevada Rep. Joe Heck, almost comically stated in reference to Ron Paul, that he should quit when it becomes apparent that there is “enough critical mass in terms of delegates”, probably sometime after Super Tuesday.

In a press conference held in Las Vegas, Newt Gingrich said, “We will continue the campaign all the way to Tampa. I suspect this debate will continue for a long time… I’m not going to withdraw. I’m actually pretty happy with where we are.”

So the only real news coming out of Nevada is that the national media continues to serve up their choice for the GOP presidential nominee, as was the case in ’08, and most Americans continue to belly up to the buffet line asking for seconds.

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