A Ron Paul Presidency


For the sake of argument, let’s assume for a moment that Ron Paul prevails in the GOP presidential primary and somehow survives the onslaught from the Far Left, who must be salivating over the thoughts of a match up with an old, white guy surrounded by charges of racism and, at age 77, becomes the oldest man ever elected President of the United States.

Once the inaugural parties are behind us and the smoke clears, how does President Ron Paul govern? And I use the term ‘govern’ in a twisted sort of way to mean actually get things done.

The first question we should ask is how does the Republican Party power base respond to a Ron Paul presidency? How eager do you think the GOP ‘establishment’ will be to advance his agenda? Is it likely that Speaker of the House John Boehner or Senate Minority (Majority?) Leader Mitch McConnell will be willing to work with President Paul?

After so many years in Washington, who are Ron Paul’s allies on Capitol Hill? Does he have a base of followers in Congress who’ve been inspired by his unique stand for liberty that he can count on?

If the Republicans refuses to caucus on his behalf, will he turn to the Progressive Socialist Party, formerly known as the Democratic Party? Out of desperation, does a Ron Paul White House strike an unholy alliance with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?

For that matter, what does a Ron Paul White House look like? Who does he surround himself with? Who will advise him? We can assume that Lew Rockwell will not have a role… right???

Who does Ron Paul select as Secretary of State to implement his questionable brand of foreign policy?

Will he even be able to find someone willing to accept the role of Secretary of Defense in what will surely be the biggest military draw down in U.S. History?

Having been exceptionally critical of just about every Secretary of Treasury since Reagan, who does he choose that’s sympatico with his views on monetary policy? How does Wall St. respond?

With Ron Paul’s views on individual liberty, will anyone take on the responsibility as Secretary of Homeland Security to protect America from an attack?

And considering that the Attorney General under Ron Paul is sure to have his/her hands full and then some, who ends up in this seat?

I know, I know. Far too many questions… but questions that need to be asked.

Looking back on the outcome of the 2008 presidential election, it didn’t require a rocket scientist to see that Obama was destined to disappoint. The hopes of an Obama presidency were built up to an impossible level that no earthly man could ever meet. I’m sure we all remember the video of the young woman celebrating and proclaiming that she’ll no longer have to worry about paying her bills or put gas in her car.

Will Ron Paul’s emphatic base experience a similar let down, once President Paul is face with the realities of governing? And how does he deal with this reality? Considering he will be 81 yrs old by the end of his term and we’ve seen time and again how quickly Presidents age, how does his health hold up? Remember all the emphasis on Reagan’s age when he was running?

Yeah, I know… more questions. But legitimate questions.

Which may or may not have satisfactory answers. Questions that will probably upset Ron Paul supporters who have a tendency to be overly protective of their guy, but questions any voter should ask themselves as they consider who to support in the 2012 GOP presidential primary.