Why Is The Tea Party Lining Up With Newt?

newt_gingrichPoliticos, both left and right, are beside themselves trying to understand why the tea party is beginning to align with Newt Gingrich.

(Which is ironic in and of itself. The media continues to feed us a steady diet of how the tea party has lost it’s influence, yet, whomever the movement gets behind quickly finds themselves in the lead.)

With all his history, the many inconsistencies in his record and Glen Beck screaming from the rafters that this man is a progressive, more and more tea party folks are shifting toward Newt. Even with Charles Krauthammer using the ‘S’ word – socialist – he remains comfortably atop the polls.

How can this be? Does this confirm that the tea party was never serious about all this limited government and fiscal responsibility stuff? That they’re a bunch of hypocrites?

It seems that too many on the right are looking to the eventual GOP nominee to not only defeat Obama, but to right decades of misguided policy and reset the course of American history and do it all in a single election cycle.

With feet firmly on the ground and heads free of the clouds, many in the tea party understand that the myriad of problems that plague this country are deep rooted and will take years to resolve, if ever.

Having spent the better part of 3 yrs battling Barack Obama and the Progressive Left, the tea party is well aware of how successful they have been in implementing their ideology in this country.

It’s understood that they dominate the institutions of government, the universities and, subsequently, the minds of the younger generation. That they control the national media, the entertainment industry and, along with that, the ability to define what is ‘hip’ in America, a desperately important motivational factor for the shallow minded.

Most tea partiers understand this is a war for the future of America, pitting collectivism against self reliance, and that it will take many years to play out.

And the critical first step in that battle is to remove Barack Obama from the White House, a man who’s greatest achievement to date may be the extent in which he has emboldened the enemies, both foreign and domestic, of a free and prosperous America.

A sentiment pundits would be wise not to downplay.

Another factor that is tattooed in the minds of many tea partiers is the stark contrast that existed between Barack Obama and John McCain in the debates leading up to the 2008 election. McCain’s painful oratory skills and total inability to expose Obama’s inexperience and idealism played a key role in the unfortunate outcome of that election. A blunder many do not want to see repeated.

If the past three years have taught us anything, it is that the Left will hold nothing back in their quest to retain the White House. The 2012 election will be as nasty as recent memory will allow and the right had better have a fighter in their corner.

And when surveying the GOP presidential primary field, I submit that these are the factors that lead many to Newt Gingrich.

Newt is not only a feisty individual quick to challenge the propaganda arm of the Far Left, better known as the national media, but he also has the intellectual capacity to overshadow Obama in a debate.

But more importantly, as was accurately stated by Scott Baker of The Blaze, ‘there is a cool, analytical detachment to his brutal and effective dissection of liberal failure’, that will enable Newt to win the moral argument over what kind of country America is, or should be.

The very argument that will make up the cornerstone of Obama’s campaign strategy.

And that, in a nutshell, ideology aside, is why many feel Newt Gingrich is the best candidate to go head to head with Barack Obama.

With little confidence that Mitt Romney has a ‘killer instinct’, that Rick Perry won’t end up babbling to himself, or that Ron Paul has the ability to articulate his message in a coherent manner, or that Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann can be anything but negative, it’s “Newt or Bust’ for many in the tea party.

Cross-Posted at Florida Political Press