TPN's Judson Phillips; The Alan Grayson Of The Right?

An extreme comparison, no doubt… Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips being compared to the dastardly Alan Grayson?

A common trait the two appear to share is the propensity to make the most asinine comments imaginable, all carefully designed to attract media attention in a transparent attempt to remain relevant. And speaking of the media, it’s now a given that when looking for an extreme opinion on a tea party related issue, ring up Judson Phillips.

His latest gift to the media being comments made about Herman Cain. In response to the video clip where Cain pauses to gather his thoughts, Phillips had this to say;

“Herman Cain needs to leave the race because he is not qualified to be President. The video is painful to watch. It is obvious Cain is in over his head and simply clueless.”

Comments you would expect to hear from supporters of the political class.

As a Herman Cain supporter, it’s no surprise that I take umbrage with Phillips comments, however, as a member of the tea party I’ve simply grown weary of these “national tea party leaders” allowing themselves to be propped up by the media as if speaking on behalf of the entire movement.

And in that light, I have three words for Mr. Phillips; Shut up already!

Such a definitive statement on Cain based on one interview, where Cain had the audacity to… pause?

We readily expect to see the Far Left dust off the Sarah Palin playbook and use it against conservative candidates, but it’s a whole other matter when it comes from supposed “tea party leaders”. What makes Judson Phillips qualified to espouse on Herman Cain’s mental capacity or his qualifications?

If you’re going to play into the media’s hands, why not reinforce the racial element of the tea party and proclaim that Cain can’t grasp the complexities of the job simply because he’s a black man?

Here’s a news flash, after the last four administrations, including the current one, America may not survive another “qualified” President.

The great thing about the tea party in the eyes of opportunists such as Judson Phillips is that any yahoo can step forward and call himself a tea party leader. The ranks of the tea party are full of these self proclaimed leaders who command little more than an email list, often purchased from other sources.

Beyond this, what contributions has Phillips, who once suggested that only property owners be allowed to vote, made to the movement?

His only claim to fame is that he was the first to hold a “national” tea party convention and was fortunate enough to secure Sarah Palin as the keynote speaker. A convention surrounded by controversy and lawsuits. And his second attempt at a national convention fell flat and resulted in a lawsuit being filed against him by the casino resort, who says Phillips failed to pay the bill after canceling the event.

I suggest that it is Judson Phillips who’s in over his head and simply clueless… which gives him yet another commonality with Alan Grayson.

Cross-posted at Florida Political Press