All Out Assault To Destroy Herman Cain Underway


Welcome to big time politics Herman Cain.

While we can only wonder how the country would look today had the media dug as enthusiastically into the background of the other black American in the presidential race back in 2008, we can be sure that we are witnessing the beginning of an all out assault to destroy Herman Cain.

Now that it’s clear that Cain is a serious contender, an effort led by the Inside the Beltway crowd is underway – with the national media, the entertainment industry and the race baiters in the form of those who’ve yet to leave the liberal plantation being eager allies.

To review, Cain has already been questioned on his authenticity as a black man, if you can believe that. He has been called a racist. And most recently, he had the “Uncle Tom” accusation thrown at him when it was said that he is a black man that “knows his place“. And adding to the audacity of all these attacks is that most are coming from white liberals!

And now the Clarence Thomas blueprint has been dug out from the closet.

I’ve said previously that the 2012 election will be the ugliest of our lifetime, and I stand by that. The Left will stop at nothing to hold the White House. Racial division, class warfare, it’s all on the table.

Just as we saw when threatened by Sarah Palin, nothing is off limits to these people. Hell, even Palin’s son Trig, who is a down syndrome baby, was fair game in their eyes.

Ultimately, the attacks on Sarah Palin set the bar on just how low the Left will go – with a full assist from the political establishment on the right, who stood by approvingly with a wink and a nod while the most vile and disgusting things imaginable were thrown at her.

And the onslaught that Herman Cain is about to endure will be on a comparable scale because he is just as dangerous to the end game of the political establishment, Left and Right.

Not only does a potential Cain match up threaten the lock Obama has on the black vote, which is critical to his re-election chances, it also goes right at the heart of what the Democrat Party has stood for for decades.

Herman Cain’s story rejects the belief that a black man cannot be self reliant and successful in America without a benevolent government ushering the way. It lays to rest the idea that conservative America is inherently racist and if they lose minorities, the Democrats know they’re relegated to going the way of the Whigs.

Simply put, the Left cannot allow Herman Cain to be successful and we will see the extent of their desperation over the next few months to ensure that doesn’t happen.

What will not be as apparent is the support from the political establishment on the right. Just as Cain threatens the Left, so too does he shake the elite power structure of the GOP. Not to suggest that Cain is a reformer in the same mold as Sarah Palin, but he is a wildcard nonetheless.

Unconventional and unpredictable, a Cain presidency strikes at the insecurities of those who’ve labored a lifetime to ascend the throne of power.

Just as the tide of big government progressivism is reaching full crest in this country, perhaps, in the embodiment of Herman Cain, a man of strong character and intestinal fortitude, we are about to witness the sudden crash of that wave and then the quick draw back before calm is temporarily restored.

Cross-posted at Florida Political Press