Occupy Wall St. Much Like Tea Party? Nay, Nay...

There has been a lot of talk in the media that the anti-capitalists that currently ‘occupy‘ Wall St. are much like the tea party… a natural uprising of the people.

One that’s quickly gaining the support of many politicians from the progressive left, which should be the first indication of just how different it is from the tea party movement.

Even Obama acknowledges that they’re just “expressing the frustrations of the American public” – a stark contrast from his first response to the tea party, which was to mock those involved by talking dismissively about “waving tea bags around”.

However, in a single photograph, there is all the proof ever needed to put the notion to rest that what we are seeing on Wall St. is anything like the tea party and it can be summed up in one word – RESPECT.  Skeptics can go to a tea party rally anywhere in this country at any time and never see such blatant disrespect for the American Flag as captured below.

Which highlights the primary difference between these two ‘movements’… tea party activists love their country and have faith in it’s potential as the greatest experiment in the history of mankind, while the Left loathes America and wants to transform it into a Euro-socialist form of government.

Commonalities?  Nay, nay…


Spreading disorder: Unrest is growing in a dozen US cities including Austin, Texas (pictured)

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