Exactly Why Is Erick Erickson Obsessing Over Sarah Palin Announcing Or Not?

You have to admit that by posting hourly the lack of an announcement from Sarah Palin of her intention to run for president or not is a bit over the top.

But more importantly, why is Erickson altering the entire alignment of his universe over Palin’s potential actions?  If it were someone on the Left, we’d call it what it is – Palin Derangement Syndrome… just another example of the level of irrational fear that Palin generates for her opposition.

So is that what this is?  Does Erickson see her as “opposition”?  Which would indicate that he has already picked his horse in this race and is concerned that by entering, Palin becomes a formidable obstacle to the success of his entry?

Or does he genuinely feel that Palin simply cannot beat Obama and is just acting in the best interest of the conservative movement?  A bit ‘elitist’ if you ask me, but he’d be standing on principle were this his motivation.

Or is it the fact that Sarah Palin is a woman that bothers Erickson?  Hard to quantify such a claim, yet there is such a theory bouncing around on Twitter…

Not sure what’s driving his actions, but I suspect there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye and if there are ulterior motives, I don’t anticipate those reasons will be gracing the pages of RedState any time soon.

Bottom line is that Sarah Palin will announce when she feels ready.  Yes, she indicated an approximate time and that time may or may not be passing, but ultimately, it’s up to her to decide when it’s time.  If you don’t appreciate the way she’s handling it then support another candidate, it’s that simple.

But to mock and ridicule her because she doesn’t meet your expectations of how she should act is a little too much for me.  After what this woman and her family has endured from fellow “citizens” from the Left, conservatives should have a little more respect for a true American patriot.  Just saying…