Palin Supporters Are Now Fair Game


Suddenly, we are seeing what appears to be a coordinated effort on the part of some on the right to go after Sarah Palin fans by attacking them for their ‘extremism’ or by comparing them to Ron Paul supporters, known for their fanaticism.

Or suggest that Palin fans would actually consider tipping the election to Obama should she decide to run in the GOP primary and come up short, which ridiculously ignores the passion on the right to elect ‘anyone but Obama’.

Is it possible that ‘some’ on the right have come to the realization that after being attacked so relentlessly by the Left in every manner possible, that Sarah Palin has become immune to criticism in the media.  So much so that the only avenue left to discredit her possible candidacy is to disparage her supporters?

The queen of conservative snark, Ann Coulter, in a bit Tuesday night with Laura Ingraham, who was sitting in for Bill O’Reilly, signified to all that it’s now fashionable to go after Palin supporters when she said columnists and bloggers on the right refuse to challenge Palin publicly because they don’t want to deal with the hate mail from her supporters.

Coulter and Ingraham then go on at length to remind all that Palin is just not electable, citing the most negative of polls.

Of course, we know how Sarah Palin feels about poles polls;

Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers.”

And in what could be seen as a possible effort to clear the field for her fantasy candidate, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, Coulter then compares Palin to Obama;

“She’s become sort of the Obama of the tea party, she’s just ‘The One’ to a certain segment of right-wingers.”

A certain segment… what segment could that be Ann? Certainly not those who provide you with the platform you have by buying your books, right? And to hear her utter ‘right wingers’ with such distaste in her mouth, one has to believe those book sales must be pretty good for her to risk alienating a fair number of potential buyers.

Erick Erickson of RedState was quick to take his queue by posting a blog yesterday morning comparing Palin fans to Ron Paul supporters, making this claim;

“…Palin fans have become an online fixture with more venom and insanity than the most rabid Ron Paul fan.”

A very bold statement indeed. Then, AllahPundit following suit on Hot Air and actually taking it further to dismiss any criticism of the ‘beltway cocktail party’ circuit for taking such a position as “nonsense”.

Naturally, there was no consideration of the remote possibility that Palin supporters could be just a bit sensitive to any criticism directed toward her after witnessing in the last presidential election one of the greatest attempts in the history of politics to destroy a person.

And what has these conservative pundits all atwitter? Simply that Palin doesn’t conform to their ideal of a timely announcement about whether or not she’ll run. Never mind that Palin has been consistent all along about when she’ll do so. That she would have the audacity not to yield to those who have such a false sense of power is simply unforgivable!

Although, I suspect there could be more at play here. If Palin decides to get into the race, it clear to all that she’ll run a very unconventional campaign and will rely little on columnists and pundits, right or left. Meaning many of these same pundits will have to stamp their own meal tickets without the privileged access they’re so accustomed to.

It’s clear that more and more Americans look at the current field of GOP candidates and realize there’s no game changer among them.  Americans who continue to see that it’s Sarah Palin alone taking the bold risks to fight the good fight and to stand up to the political establishment on both sides of the aisle with little regard for political expediency, doing so simply because it’s the right thing to do. And for these reasons and more, many are beginning to see Sarah Palin in a different light.

And if the political “experts” on the right cannot bring harm to the candidacy of Sarah Palin, attempting to do so, of course, not out of any personal dislike due to the great respect they have for her, but only in the best interest of conservatives everywhere because she’s just “not electable” – never mind that Palin’s ‘star power’ outshines the entire GOP field combined and that the national media still can’t get enough of her – then these same experts will simply discourage any who may be inclined to join Team Sarah by thoroughly denigrating her current supporters.

Of course, tea party activists will instantly recognize this tactic from the playbook of the Left, but then again, these average Americans are much like Sarah Palin in that they’ve endured every vile attack possible and are still standing. Something these pundits on the right don’t seem to get.

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