Herman Cain, Craig Miller Prevail In Florida 'Conservative Roar' Straw Poll

craigmillercrFormer CEO Craig Miller scored an important victory yesterday in coming out on top in a straw poll held at the ‘A Conservative Roar from the I-4 Corridor‘ rally in Sanford, FL.

The event featured GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain and U.S. Senate candidates Craig Miller and Mike McCalister, in addition to a host of other state level candidates.

Attended by hundreds of conservatives, including various grassroots organizations and tea party groups from around Central Florida, the event was a kick off to the 2012 election and the critical importance the I-4 corridor will play in the outcome.

Having just entered the GOP primary race for U.S. Senate seven weeks prior, the significance of Craig Miller’s win yesterday amongst grassroots supporters cannot be overstated and is a good indication that his campaign is off to a very effective start.

In the wake of his victory, Miller said;

“I’m very encouraged to see these real results from the grassroots movement here in Florida. My conversations with folks on Main Street have informed me that the voters are tired of business as usual and want someone other than a career politician to take on Bill Nelson next year. Our campaign has been building momentum these past few weeks and this straw poll shows that our message of job creation and economic growth is resonating with the people. When I’m the nominee, we’re going to retire Bill Nelson and end his 40-year political career.”

Adding to the significance of yesterdays results is that McCalister, who has been working hard for months to cultivate grassroots support and who’s candidacy hinges on that support, was present and gave his typical fire and brimstone speech to fire up the crowd. Thus, the results must be seen as yet another set back for someone who’s gone to such critical lengths to try to present himself as the ‘tea party’ choice.

The results for the U.S. Senate race were;

Craig Miller………….67
Mike McCalister…….62
Adam Hasner……….39
George LeMieux……34

Presidential straw poll results;

Herman Cain………..132
Rick Perry……………..55
Mitt Romney…………..20
Michele Bachmann….16
Ron Paul………………..7

Other winners included Jeff Lawson, running for Dean Cannon’s soon to be vacated seat, James DeCocq who’s challenging incumbent state Sen. Thad Altman and Ron Rushing, who’s going up against incumbent state Sen. Andy Gardiner.

The following video was put together by Oculus Omnis’ Allen Wilson and highlights the A Conservative Roar from the I-4 Corridor’ event – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f43GuXrOLRo&feature=player_embedded

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