Tea Party Working Group Formed At Berkeley

berkeleyreadingroomDid you wake up feeling like a lab rat this morning? Well, there’s good reason for it!

The Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements at the University of California at Berkeley posted the following announcement on their web site;

Tea Party Working Group Formed

The Center for the Comparative Study of Right-Wing Movements is pleased to announce the formation of a Tea Party Working Group. Researchers from all disciplinary backgrounds who have an interest in the Tea Party are invited to join. To learn more about meeting times and the working group’s activities, please email: [email protected]

Founded in 2009, the ‘Center’ is a research unit dedicated to the study of right-wing movements in the 20th and 21st centuries. An example of the brilliant analysis that can be expected is found on the ‘About’ page of their web site;

In this country a populist movement has come into being since the Obama election espousing fierce antipathy toward American liberalism in the name of “tradition American values” while claiming as well dissatisfaction with the direction of the Republican Party.

Considering this group came into being after the tea party, it makes you wonder why it took them two years to get around to analyzing the ‘great awakening of the American people’ that has completely changed the conversation in politics. Is this to be taken as a slight… where the left winger’s just hoping it’d go away?

So yet another milestone for the tea party, we now have the great scholars of the Left noodling what we’re all about. It’s highly unlikely that any tea party activists will be asked to be part of this study group, so the odds are not in our favor of the findings having much resemblance to reality.

Apparently, there is no ‘Center for the Comparative Study of Left-Wing Movements’. Was not able to confirm if this is because there’s no Soros money available to fund it or if it’s because it’s seen as an exercise in futility.

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