National Media's All Out Assualt On The Tea Party And The Fear Behind It


If I were to start this column by saying the media is at it again, I fear I’d lose most readers at that very point. After all, is it even news anymore that the national media is as corrupt as the day is long and hellbent on advancing the Far Left ideology, even at the risk of insolvency?

Any real doubt about this was irrefutably erased during the 2008 Presidential Election as we witnessed the all out effort by most major outfits in this country to aid in the election of Barack Obama.

Yet, much like the housing market, just when we think journalism has finally reached bottom and can go no lower, we witness something else that takes it to a new low. The expected hypocrisy and double standards notwithstanding, what we are seeing from the media in this country today would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

The latest example being the debt ceiling debacle. While Washington continues to flounder about in it’s ineptitude, playing the typical partisan games and refusing to consider any real solutions to the so called ‘debt crisis’ that is only a crisis because the politicians want it to be so, the media responds as if it’s their sworn duty to carry the water for the political class.

Refusing to address the crushing weight of entitlements that’s largely responsible for much of the debt that straddles this nation and completely ignoring the monetary policies and the role of the Federal Reserve in getting us to this point, the ‘leaders’ of both parties try to put a band-aid on a gaping wound in hopes of making it to the next election cycle.

And in all the absurdity, there is a lone voice in the wilderness crying out, a voice struggling to be heard above the din of politics as usual – the tea party. Average everyday Americans who simply say stop the irresponsible spending and borrowing and endeavor to shake off and break that bond of servitude being thrust upon our children and grandchildren.

Enter the media… eager to carry the fight to the tea party on behalf of the ruling elite, to include their sworn enemies of the right, the Republican Party. The prevailing theme of the latest attacks, picked up all across the land as if marching orders have been issued from above, being terrorism.

A few headlines from the past several days;

The Tea Party Taliban

The Tea Party’s Terrorist Tactics

The Tea Fragger Party

And just a few of the comments;

“…they’ve strapped explosives to the Capitol” – Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg News

“…they have now become full-blown terrorists.” – William Yeomans, Politico

“They yearned to see the president beat the political suicide bombers over the head…” – Maureen Dowd, NY Times

“If sane Republicans do not stand up to this Hezbollah faction in their midst, the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. on a suicide mission” – Thomas Friedman, NY Times

“In effect, you have to blow up the World Trade Center, or paint the streets in human blood… or threaten lawmakers and even spit on them as the Tea Partiers did, or call President Obama a traitor or a Hitler. You have to be an extremist.” – Neal Gabler, Boston Globe

So, for the noble cause of demanding fiscal responsibility from our government, the tea party is compared to ruthless murderers who kill innocent civilians, behead 8 yr old children, condone pedophilia and stone women to death for the audacity of being raped.

Despicable? Inexcusable? Not in America.

It leaves one to wonder how these people can sleep at night, at least until you’re reminded that these are the same individuals who ushered in the era of no personal responsibility where Johnny gets an achievement award even if he stands on the sidelines and refuses to participate. An era where accountability is a dirty word and the individual is willingly sacrificed for the collective good of the whole.

To be frank, the media in this country have utterly failed the American people as surely as the political class. And just as the political class is leading us over the cliff, the media is out in front clearing the way. Not that surprising when you consider that these two entities have more or less merged into one with ultimate success in either field dependent upon how well you’re received in the other.

And make no mistake about it, the ferocity of these latest attacks serves to demonstrate just how much the political class, and by extension, the media, fears the tea party. The basis of that fear, despite the attacks, best described by Peter Wilson, who blogs at walkingdogcapitalist ;

“…the Tea Party does not advocate terrorism, nor armed insurrection. You rarely even hear civil disobedience, a tactic praised by left and right alike, suggested as a course of action. The Tea Party I have seen and heard puts its faith in the democratic system. Its strength is founded on the vote, which fortunately still wields awesome power in our political system. Now that’s something the Democrats (political class) can legitimately fear in November.”

After proving the above in the 2010 election, the anxiety over what lies ahead in 2012 is off the charts, hence the all out assault to neutralize the source of all that anxiety… and after the deal struck over the weekend, perhaps the only solace the tea party can take away from this so called ‘debt ceiling crisis’.


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