I Got Dem Ol’ Debt Ceiling Blues


I think if I hear the words ‘debt ceiling’ one more time, my head is going to explode!

Raise it. Don’t raise it. Raise it, but only with spending cuts to offset the increase. Raise it, but with spending cuts AND “revenue enhancements”.

Only in Washington can you get away with calling a tax increase “revenue enhancement”. Is that a fancy handle or not? The wonder is that the term can be used with a straight face. Of course, this is the “balanced approach” – which means that those who currently pay the most pay more so those who don’t pay anything can continue paying nothing.

It is truly an art form how these politicians can shift the debate away from spending within their means to the producers of society needing to pay more. The play on words would be ludicrous if it all weren’t oh, so serious.

I say let’s cut to the chase and just take spending cuts off the table. After all, we’re not talking about real spending cuts anyway. And let’s face it, the Republicans are going to lose the ‘messaging’ battle anyway. They always do and here’s why;

  • The GOP hasn’t figured out that perception is reality
  • The GOP doesn’t have the national media in their back pocket
  • The GOP doesn’t have 40% of the American population dependent upon them for their next meal

If the average American family cut the way Washington cuts, it would go like this; ‘OK, we were planning to spend $50,000 next year, but are only earning $40,000 so we’re going to have get serious about cutting our budget and only spend $45,000 – and we’ll save $5,000!

Most of the cuts being discussed are cuts to planned spending, not actual spending – with many of these proposed cuts waylayed to future Congresses, who have no obligation to honor them.

More Jedi mind tricks.

And the fear mongering we see now seems to top even what we heard when T.A.R.P. was being passed, if that’s possible. We must act and we must act now!!! If not, it will be catastrophic… colossal… calamitous… disastrous… devastating… ruinous… tragic.

You have to ask yourself, is it even possible for Congress to let us down? A new Rasmussen Poll came out yesterday that says only 6% of likely voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. SIX PERCENT! That’s family members only, folks!!! So how can you be any more disappointed?

Regardless, with the so called ‘leaders’ we currently have it’s clear that the debt ceiling is going to be increased. This all reminds me of a line at the end of the movie ‘We Were Soldiers‘ where North Vietnamese Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An says;

“So this will become an American war. And the end will be the same…except for the numbers who will die before we get there.”

For many on the right, this is where they want to draw the line in the sand, but I submit the real line in the sand is the 2012 election. If the American people allow the Far Left to maintain control of the Senate and the White House, if we continue sending career politicians to DC, then we get what we deserve.

But even in this macabre scenario there’s a bright side; bankruptcy will find us sooner and the ultimate collapse will lead to true opportunity to right the ship – pun intended.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wrap my head in duct tape.


Cross-Posted at Florida Political Press