Barack Obama Is A Dangerous Man


President Barack Obama addressed the nation last night and probably did more to send an already exasperated public over the edge than he could ever have hoped to do to bring this country closer to a solution on the debt ceiling crisis.

Unfortunately, his message was to be expected, blame the Republicans and distort his position of wanting to raise taxes to pay for the historically irresponsible spending from the very onset of his administration.

At times of crisis, the American people look to their President to lead and bring the country together in facing our challenges. Instead, Obama offers distorted partisan rhetoric and the politics of fear, focused far more on re-election that on acting in the best interest of America.

Instead of being inspirational, he’s dishonest. Instead of healing the divide, he rips it further apart. Instead of showing leadership, he proves that he’s in over his head.

And the sad part of it all is that regardless of the issue, be it health care, the environment or the national debt, Obama and leadership of the Democratic Party have but one agenda and it’s very transparent to those who are paying attention;

Social justice through wealth redistribution, all designed to further an entitlement society dependent upon the Left for sustenance.

And this is where Barack Obama becomes a very dangerous man.

Schooled in the fine art of Saul Alinski, where the ends justify the means, Obama does not seem to notice, or care, that his partisan rhetoric of class warfare is driving a wedge between the American people.

His continual manipulation of us vs. them serves his ideological quest to achieve the ends, but it’s also reckless behavior that is driving real anger in this country.

Because of Obama’s disastrous economic policies, people have been long suffering. Dealing with the angst that goes along with struggling to find a job and put food on the table. Or meeting payroll and trying to buy supplies desperately needed to keep a business afloat.

And there’s just as many who’ve grown weary of the quasi-socialist agenda of the left. Tired of all the catch phrases and double speak. Tired of seeing a government that no longer resembles the country they grew up in.

To say the situation is a powder keg waiting to go off is not an overstatement.

Even though Obama is finally beginning to be exposed as the emperor with no clothes, and more and more of his base is turning away, there are still countless others that buy into his propaganda and accept it as the gospel. Many who sense that the gravy train known as the U.S. Government may be coming to an end. Many who are more willing to expend energy to maintain this largess than to expend an equal amount providing for themselves.

Ultimately, it will only take some small, unpredictable event to trigger a reaction and the release of all that anger will not be a stellar moment in the history of this great nation. And if this should occur, those who created the calamity will then stand around and assign blame.

Yes, these are very serious times, with very serious challenges, unfortunately, we have precious few serious leaders in our midst.

May God have mercy on the United States of America.


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