Florida Senate Majority Leader Unaware Of 10th Amendment?


Florida Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner (R-Orlando) was a guest speaker at the South West Orange County Republican club (SWOCR) this past Wednesday.

During a Q&A session, Gardiner surprisingly acknowledges that he was not familiar with the ‘Alinksi Method’, a theory of political organizing that is the lifeblood of the Democrat Party campaign plan.

The question was raised in relationship to the recent mayoral election in Jacksonville.

Then, on the very next question, it appears that Gardiner needs to be reminded of exactly what the 10th Amendment represents! Hard to believe unless you hear it for yourself, agree?

Well, FPP just happens to have an exclusive audio… listen below and judge for yourself;


This inexplicable response by a prominent member of Republican Party leadership here in Florida indicates that for far too many of our politicians, the U.S. Constitution has become little more than an antiquated document that has minimal value in the governing of today’s society.

Any wonder that this country has strayed so far from the pricnciples upon which it was founded?

Gardiner has now been in Tallahassee for 12 years, serving in the Senate since 2008. Prior to his election to the Senate, he served eight years in the House of Representatives. From 2004-2006, Senator Gardiner served as House Majority Leader.

Firmly entrenched in Republican Party leadership and seen as one who can be counted on to “play ball”, Gardiner is in line to become Senate President in 2015-16.

Readers may recall that as Senate Majority Leader, Gardiner signed onto a letter sent to U.S. Secretary Ray LaHood by 26 members of the Republican-controlled Florida Senate disparaging fellow Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to reject the state’s $2.7 billion high speed rail plan.