Van Jones Refers To Tea Party As 'Cheap Patriots' Out To Destroy The American Dream



In a recent interview with Truthout, a Progressive Left organization that bills itself as an ‘independent’ source for news and commentary, self avowed communist and 9/11 truther Van Jones made the following remarks about the tea party;

“The real fight is not between conservatives and liberal, or even between Wall Street and Main Street. The real fight is between ‘cheap patriots,’ who are trying to destroy the American dream and ‘deeper patriots,’ who are trying to restore it. It’s really a fight between two different versions of patriotism, two visions of what American greatness will require in the next century.

“You have these cheaper patriots who have taken their wrecking ball agenda,” Jones explained, “painted it red, white and blue and used it to smash down all of the institutions that made America exceptional: unions, public schools, the sense of responsibility among Americans to invest in the country that made their success possible.”

While I believe the more we focus on Van Jones, the more it elevates his status on the Left, there’s no denying that he does influence the feeble minded youth of today by representing the cool, hip liberal image that the young and naive are so enamored with.

Yet, understanding that the Progressive Left can never be taken at face value in it’s messaging and that words do matter, it’s worth taking a closer look at what Jones has to say.

In promoting the Left’s most recent efforts to neutralize the threat of the tea party, aptly titled ‘Rebuild the Dream‘ – Jones talks about two different types of patriotism. Naturally, those who buy into the values of wealth redistribution and social justice are the ‘deep patriots’, indicating knowledge and enlightenment, while those who believe in the traditional values that this country was founded on and understand America’s ‘investments’ in social engineering have brought us to the precipice of disaster are the ‘cheap patriots’.

Of course, no message from the Left would be complete unless it were steeped in hypocrisy and Jones does not disappoint. He ridicules the tea party for having a wrecking ball painted red, white and blue, all the while wrapping his newest Euro-socialist endeavor in the American flag.

An endeavor that goes against the very values that America was founded on; individual responsibility, self determination and a government that ensures equal opportunity, not equal success.

And in a great illustration of just how far the tea party has gotten into the heads of those on the Left, the very folks who’ve denounced American exceptionalism for years are now incorporating it in their messaging!

That Van Jones and the Progressive Left think they can duplicate the spirit of the tea party with the ‘Rebuild the Dream‘ initiative only shows that they have no understanding whatsoever of the driving force behind this great awakening. In fact, their approach of an elite few determining the course of action of the many is the very epitome of what brought about the tea party.

Much like a drug dealer that breaks the long held rule of never using your own supply, it seems they’ve fallen prey to their own propaganda that the tea party is little more than a GOP or Koch brothers controlled entity.

If the tea party is anything, it is a natural reaction by we the people to the somber realization that something is fundamentally wrong with the process and the people that govern our land. To think that they can duplicate this instinctive, spontaneous gut reaction is to think man can duplicate the feeling of falling in love. It’s also one more example of the flawed philosophy of the Left. Coffee anyone?


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