Today's Example Of Why You Can't Trust The Media

obama-campaign-moneyToday’s example of why you can’t trust most of what you read or hear in the media and how many are just getting started in boosting up the Obama campaign to ensure victory in 2012;

POLITICO reports that Obama has raised a record smashing $86 million in the first quarter of the year – ever notice how anything our current President does is quickly labeled ‘historic’? The article goes on to inform us of just how great the Obama re-election machine is and how it vastly outpaces any GOP counterpart.

Interestingly, as the story recaps Obama’s 2008 fund raising performance there’s no mention of all the illegal overseas donations that were made to his campaign.

$86 million is still an awful lot of money and as POLITICO is so quick to point out, it exceeds G.W. Bushed highest quarterly haul. Exept that it’s not entirely accurate…

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey counters with a more thorough look;

No, it’s not the $86 million figure that’s been bouncing around since last night, at least not for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign specifically. Jim Geraghty explained in his first report that the more spectacular figure included money that Obama raised for the DNC… :

President Obama‘s campaign will report raising a staggering $47 million in the past three months, his campaign manager said in a web video released early Wednesday morning.

The Democratic National Committee will report having raised an additional $38 million in the last three months. The two committees may raise money jointly through the Obama Victory Fund, an entity that allows donors to write checks for up to $35,800. That money is divided…

And $47 million is almost half of the pace suggested. It’s a pretty good number for an incumbent President, but comes just a little shy of George W. Bush’s 2003Q3 figure of $49.5 million

The fun is just starting folks and take my word for it when I say you haven’t seen anything yet. By the time the 2012 election is in the books, the performance of today’s media will also be seen in ‘historic’ fashions … for the historic level of corruption reached to elect one of it’s own.