Van Jones Fighting For 'Sisters And Brothers' In Tea Party


Former Obama Administration ‘green jobs czar and self avowed communist Van Jones is fighting for his sisters and brothers in the tea party?

While speaking this week at Town Hall Seattle celebrating YES! Magazine’s 15th anniversary, the radical revolutionary had this to say; “We don’t want our sisters and brothers in the Tea Party to suffer the catastrophe that would come as a result of their victory…We’re fighting for them, too.”

As you watch the video clip, you will be reminded once again of the tremendous power of the tea party movement. It not only changed the conversation in this country, it changed the language.

Listen to the words Van Jones uses as he attempts to shroud the destructive Progressive Left message with vestiges of patriotism, this coming from those who just a short two years ago never passed on an opportunity to disparage America.

Watch Video Here

It also serves as a vivid reminder that there are no limits to just how manipulative our ‘sisters and brothers’ on the Left are willing to be as they continue their efforts to dupe the American public about their true intentions.