2012; Time For Right To 'Gird Your Loins'!


In the immortal words of Vice President Joe Biden, it’s time for conservative Americans to “gird your loins”.

As America ushers in the unofficial beginning of the ‘summer of 2011’ this weekend with the celebration of Memorial Day, the media are now fully consumed with the 2012 Presidential Election.

With little effort extended nowadays to disguise it, it’s a given that the vast majority in the media are more interested in advancing an ideology that reporting the news, and the 2012 election will be no exception.

It is also a given that this same majority are fully vested in the re-election of Barack Obama. With this in mind, conservatives can expect to see the most negative campaign season in American history.

Simply put, the Progressive Left will stop at nothing to ensure Obama’s re-election and hold their gains. We’ll quickly see race at the front and center of American politics once again, with the Left referencing the color of Obama’s skin at any and every opportunity as the true motivation behind any criticisms of his disastrous policies.

Of course, this tactic will leave the Left dumbfounded should Herman Cain emerge as the Republican contender!

In addition, class warfare and extreme scare tactics directed at seniors -Mediscare, will also be frequent weapons of choice for the Left as they labor to further divide this country for political gain.

We can also expect to see the media quickly fall behind the Republican candidate least likely to defeat Obama – see John McCain, 2008 Election.

In fact, FPP is in the midst of an ongoing 3 yr investigation and has yet to identify a single individual that publicly acknowledges a vote for McCain, leading us to believe that had Sarah Palin not joined the ticket, it’s very posssible that Obama would have pitched a shutout.

Along that line of thinking, since Mike Huckabee wisely decided not to be the media’s pawn, we now see headlines suggesting that Rudy Giuliani is polling ahead of all other Republican primary contenders. Rudy Giuliani? Really??? Nice try, media!

As for Sarah Palin, she is once again deftly keeping the media busy tripping all over themselves trying to predict what she may do. One thing is certain, whatever she does decide, it will not be conventional. And that’s a good thing. If there’s one thing America desperately needs more than anything else today, it is a break from the ‘politics as usual’ mentality that continues to come from the ‘establishment’ on both sides of the aisle. Sorry Mitt!

Meanwhile, count on the media to continue pushing the notion that Obama just can’t be beaten and disparaging the Republican field whenever the opportunity arises. Their end goal here is to dishearten conservative voters, hoping to keep them home on election day.

And one last thought, we should all be reminded that polls can be constructed to say just about anything one wants them to say. Case in point, six weeks before the 2010 election, the dastardly Alan Grayson released poll numbers showing him with a double digit lead… he lost by 18 pts.

So buckle up my fellow right wing extremists and take hold of those around you, we are now entering choppy waters!