Does God Embrace The Progressive Left Ideology?


By Tom Tillison
Florida PoliticalPress

Conservatives looking to secure the traditional values that made America the most prosperous and free country in human history appear to have yet another foe in this grand quest.

It is well known to most on the right that the Progressive Left – which now totally dominates the Democratic Party, stand as a very real challenge to the founding principles that have defined this great nation. With the Progressive Left dominating the education system in this country, it’s also well known that our schools are used as indoctrination centers to advance the teachings of ‘social and economic justice’. And it is the worst kept secret ever that the overwhelming majority in the media subscribe to this inauspicious political ideology.

Are churches now to be added to the list of insidious foes out to ‘fundamentally transform America’? More specifically the United Methodist Church?

It seems that those who minister from the book of Saul Alinski are now using the very God they have worked so hard to remove from our society to advance their own cause. Have they realized that religious faith is one of the key pillars upon which this country’s founding principles rests and that to reach their goal of turning American into a quasi European Socialist nation, they must control the message in our churches?

Judge for yourself… the United Methodist Church web site lists six legislative priorities for 2011;

  • Ensure the highest level of funding for foreign assistance to overcome global poverty;
  • Reform the U.S. health-care system;
  • Fully fund international family planning;
  • Just, humane immigration reform;
  • Advocate for a clean energy future; and
  • Address the jobs crisis.

To ensuring the highest level of funding for foreign assistance, their web site states that the federal budget deficit should not be balanced on the backs of the poor and the vulnerable – not the poor and vulnerable of the United States, but of the world! It also calls for a cut in military spending.

The web site also openly advocates for ObamaCare, stating that ‘major reform happened last year, but more work is needed to ensure we live completely into God’s vision so that no one is left out.’ It goes on to push for implementing the new law’s provisions.

As for international family planning, it inexplicably appears to be in line with Planned Parenthood here in the United States, to include abortion;

Members of Congress will be encouraged to increase U.S. funding for international family planning including full funding for the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), which provides family planning and AIDS prevention information.

In 2001, the Population Research Institute revealed that the UNFPA formally cooperates with the Chinese Communist regime in their depopulation scheme of forced abortion and sterilization.

And according to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, “UNFPA is helping improve the administration of the local family planning offices that are administering the very social compensation fee and other penalties that are effectively coercing women to have abortions.”

President G.W. Bush withheld normally-allotted US contributions to the UNFPA because U.S. law prohibits the country from supporting any program of coerced abortion or sterilization. One of Obama’s very first acts as President was to restore this funding.

Progressive enough for you? But wait, there’s plenty more!

The Church’s position on Immigration Reform;

“We call on Congress to pass immigration reform that will provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, reunite immigrant families, and protect the rights of all workers.”

In fact, the web site ‘Action Center’ urges visitors to call on Obama to stop enforcement programs that use local law enforcement to help control illegal immigration!

And this political ideology goes on and on, including an effort to affirm the ‘right’ of every person to a job at a living wage as well as a call on Congress to strengthen efforts to ensure clean air in our communities and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Leaves one to wonder if the United Methodist Church ever gets around to preaching the gospel, does it not?

So not only does the Progressive Left control the Democrat Party, the education system and the media, they’re now present in our houses of worship. And for anyone who may be wondering if the Republican Party is matching this effort, rest assured that they’re light years behind. As usual.

Of course, the Left will be quick to accuse conservatives of being heartless for opposing programs to assist the needy, but keep in mind that our government exists to protect the prosperity of ALL citizens, not just the downtrodden.

And even more importantly, if the economy collapses because we place benevolence before fiscal responsibility, as the Left is want to do, the downtrodden will suffer far greater because they’re not in a position to prepare for such a calamity.