Sine Die; May It Come To A Merciful End


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

As the Florida Legislature winds down this year’s legislative session, for many it cannot end soon enough.

It’s been a long 60 days of being told one thing and seeing another done. Sixty days of the House pointing a finger at the Senate and the Senate pointing back at the House. It was said of last year’s session that for the first time in memory the Florida Senate was the more conservative of the two chambers… well, not to worry, that trend didn’t last!

It’s an unfortunate place to be when the citizenry are more at ease when it’s representatives are idle, but for many, that happens to be where we find ourselves.

Sure, there have been a number of victories for conservatives in this years session, along with an equal share of defeats. With the 2012 Election cranking up in force in September, there will be but a few short months to properly evaluate the overall results before drawing final conclusions.

Being that this was the first year that the tea party has been fully engaged in state politics, it has definitely been a learning experience. The grassroots movement will be well served to use this time wisely in deciding just how well received it actually was in Tallahassee.

And while reflecting, it may also be prudent for tea party leaders to avoid our lawmakers as they return home, hat in hand, chock full of reasons and excuses. Eager to un-ruffle irritated feathers, these lawmakers will work diligently to assure us that things are better than they look.

One thing is certain, with a Republican super-majority in both Houses and a Republican Governor, Florida had a golden opportunity to be a beacon to the rest of the country in the ongoing battle to define the proper role of government in our society and restore liberty in our daily lives.

The jury is already in on that one… not guilty, did not happen.