Democrat Lawmaker Attacks Colleague On FL House Floor

Scott Randolph


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

A Democrat lawmaker lost it on the Florida House floor yesterday.

Democratic state Rep. Scott Randolph completely lost his composure over a fellow Democrat’s support of an abortion bill. After Rep. Daphne Campbell voted in favor of the bill, Randolph flew into a fit of rage throwing papers at her and threatening her.

Others present say Randolph said. “You are a traitor, I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.”

Randolph also threw a pen in the trash that belonged to Campbell which was then retrieved by Democrat leader Ron Saunders who said, “Hey, guys, this isn’t high school. You need to stop.”

It’s ironic that the Alan Grayson protege Randolph, who is pro choice, attacks another member for making a choice. Apparently pro choice only applies when you are making the choice that the pro abortion crowd wants you to make.

And after witnessing the rude, classless behavior of the Far Left at Congressman Dan Webster’s town hall on Tuesday, where this very decent, religious man was verbally attacked and called a “liar” and “idiot” among other things, it becomes a little more clear where this lack of civil discourse originates from.

Keep in mind that Randolph’s wife, Susannah Randolph, heads up Florida Watch, a Far Left group ‘dedicated to strengthening the progressive movement’, and supported by many of those present at the Webster town hall and actively involved in the despicable behavior that was on display.

One has to begin to wonder if Democrats, who offer very few solutions to the problems facing America today other than to desperately cling to their big government, big spending habits of old, have any tactics in their repertoire beyond threats and intimidation.

Being increasingly controlled by the Progressive Left and influenced by George Soros funded groups such as Open Society, MoveOn.org and being beholden to radical union leadership that openly embraces Marxism, it’s fair to say that the Democratic Party of today is a far cry from a Democratic Party your grandfather would recognize.