2012; Can The Left 'Out Tea Party' The Tea Party?

By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

Things seem to be just a little too quiet… get the feeling this is the calm before the storm?

Congress is in recess in Washington and the Florida Legislature has been off for a few days due to the Easter Holiday. Is it just me or is there not such an incredible feeling of relief in this country when our elected officials are on break?

And speaking of the Florida Legislature, does Gov. Scott veto their eventual budget? His recent comments suggest that’s a possibility. And if Scott does veto their offering, will the Republicans simply override that veto, having the super majority in both houses? Going into the final leg of this years legislative session, things are about to get interesting in Tallahassee.

As for what’s about to happen in D.C., I quote our very own Vice President when I say “gird your loins”!

One group not taking much time off is the Far Left. In fact, they’re hard at work trying to ‘out tea party’ the tea party. It’s worth noting that these are the same people that often accuse the tea party of being controlled by “corporate masters”, yet their very own efforts are a lesson in top down functionality.

With a complicit media playing it’s now customary role of parroting the talking points far and wide.

And apparently the tea party efforts during the 2009 healthcare town halls have left an indelible impression on the Left. Former ‘Journolist’ member David Weigle posted an article on Slate.com titled ‘Wanted; Angry Liberals’ as if there’s a shortage of pissed off Progressives in this country. In this furtive call to action, Weigle laments that if the Ryan budget is so unpopular, where are the town-hall meltdowns?

And responding right on cue is MoveOn.org.

In yet one more effort to take back the narrative in this country and strike at the hallowed ground of the tea party – Tax Day, MoveOn.org lined up behind a campaign under the name US Uncut this past week targeting large corporations such as GE and Bank of America for not paying their share of taxes – applying the 60’s era confrontational tactics that the Left is famous for.

(MoveOn.org somehow manages to overlook the cozy relationship that exists between Obama and Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE, as well as the millions of dollars Immelt and GE have contributed to the Democrat Party.)

And it appears that this tactic is now being expanded to include Republican lawmakers home from Washington who are holding town hall meetings to discuss the upcoming budget battle.

Interestingly, this new MoveOn.org initiative is happening with the full assist from an assortment of far left groups that seem to have appeared out of nowhere and can usually be identified by one commonality – the use of the term ‘Progress’ in their name. Is this Colorado all over again?

MoveOn.org is certainly becoming more prominent here in Florida, as is the name Falcon Taylor. Not sure what to make of the fact that very little information comes up prior to March of this year when Googling that name. Add to this Progress Florida, Organize Now and Florida Watch, headed up by Susannah Randolph, and you have a good idea of who’s driving the astroturf grassroots activity in the state for the Far Left.

It’s also an indication of how critically important Florida is in the upcoming election because what we see happening here are the early makings of the Progressive Socialist Party’s (formerly known as the Democratic Party) 2012 ground game.

Randolph, former campaign manager for the dastardly Alan Grayson – Mr. Progressive Socialist himself, now has plenty of time on her hands since orchestrating his 18 pt. landslide defeat in the 2010 election. Married to state Representative Scott Randolph (D) – an Alan Grayson wannabe, Randolph has been very active in putting her past community organizing experience to work to advance the progressive cause.

As for Grayson, it’s a poorly kept secret that he will run again in 2012. He won in 2008 by riding Obama’s coattails and sees no reason why that shouldn’t work again in 2012. Plus, he’s confident that redistricting will carve out a more Democrat friendly district in the Orlando area. When you take into consideration Grayson’s unchecked ego and his lust for attention, you can be sure that we’ve not heard the last of him.

So, ready or not, 2012 is upon us. The battle for the heart and soul of America is on. Is the tea party up for the challenge? Can it drag the dead weight known as the Republican Party across the finish line and complete the work begun in earnest in 2010? Or will the Far Left regain valuable ground?

Stay tuned because, either way, it will be talked about 100 years from now as one of the defining moments in American history.

And I’ll end on this note, how so very appropriate that President Obama, while on his ‘Spreading the Wealth Tour’ last week, attends a $36,000 a plate fundraiser on the Left Coast and complains that the rich don’t pay enough in taxes. Who in that room can argue that they can’t afford it???