Is Bill Nelson Intimidated By Tea Party?


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

Sen. Bill Nelson appears to be officially on the campaign trail…

An email was sent out yesterday by Nelson addressing the deal made Friday night to avoid shutting down the federal government. Funny that I don’t recall him sending out an email beforehand detailing his position. I suppose it’s a much safer proposition playing the role of armchair quarterback.

Interestingly, Nelson references right wing extremists or extremism four times in the email, including in the title, yet does not once use the term tea party. A little odd when you consider that every media outlet on the planet, save for Fox News, regularly uses the two terms interchangeably.

What’s the matter, Bill? Are you afraid of getting on the bad side of the tea party?

Allow me to clue you in, Mr. Nelson;

Trust me, you’re already on our radar! And I’m not sure that there’s much more you can do now to upset the tea party that will eclipse your actions back during the battle for healthcare reform.

You may not recall this, but those of us who spent the better part of a year fighting the unconstitutional healthcare law that you and the Progressive Left shoved down our throats vividly recall how you went out of your way to avoid us. Even going as far as keeping your schedule a tightly controlled secret, slipping in and out of events like a criminal in the night.

In fact, you were so scarce that there were times when the tea party considered putting out an Amber Alert on you. We were even concerned about your well being, envisioning some morbid recreation of ‘Weekend At Bernies’ where your staff was carting your carcass around and propping it up at events.

And more importantly, we also vividly remember how time and again you ignored the will of the people.

Back to yesterday’s email, Nelson blamed “right-wing extremists who tried to hold the federal government hostage in order to pass severe restrictions on women’s health care”. This, of course, is a reference to Planned Parenthood and also makes one wonder if Alan Grayson has been hired to build Nelson’s messaging.

If you’re interested in what PPH actually does for women’s health, here’s an account from a former director of the organization – Exposing The Planned Parenthood Business Model

Nelson also announced in the email that he has been named chairman of a newly created Senate subcommittee charged with finding ways to reduce the deficit. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Since Nelson came to the U.S. Senate ten years ago, the federal debt has climbed by $8.3 trillion. In just 10 years! Naming Bill Nelson to find ways to reduce the deficit is akin to naming Charlie Sheen to spearhead an effort to reduce mental illness in this country.