School Prayer Shelved In FL, Where's the Outrage?


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

A bill to permit school prayers at sporting events and graduation ceremonies was temporarily postponed in the Florida Senate on Tuesday.

The Anti-Defamation League and the ACLU, the usual suspects, said the bill could violate federal and state constitutional prohibitions of the endorsement of religion by schools. Of course, this is based on their interpretation.

“In order to protect religious freedoms of all students, including those of minority religious faiths, we must guard against promotion or endorsement of one set of religious beliefs over another,” said Danielle Prendergast, public policy director for the ACLU of Florida.

Which apparently means that only Christians “pray”.

The bill has a House companion that has not been heard in any committees and with this years legislative session now at the halfway point, it’s clear that there are no plans to move it through.

As the Progressive Left continue to force a secular society upon a nation that is overwhelmingly Christian, where 78% of the citizens in this country identify with some form of Christian religion, I ask where’s the outrage?

And, as America continues to push God out of the public arena and the moral compass of this nation continues to deteriorate, as does our quality of life – and trust me, there’s a correlation – why was there not an overwhelming presence by Christians in support of this bill?

We can count on the ACLU to be there every time fighting to remove God. Who was fighting to include Him?

This lack of engagement by Christians is the height of hypocrisy. Many of whom go out on a limb to protect the rights of illegal aliens and stand idly by while Muslim rights are ever expanding in this country, yet, refuse to advocate on behalf of what they claim to be their ultimate belief.

The increasingly secular society we find ourselves in did not happen by accident. It is a critical component of the Progressive Left’s agenda to move America away from the founding principles that have guided this nation for so many years. In order to move past the Constitution, which is the overall objective, the foundation that America stands on must be destroyed. And God is an integral part of that foundation.

As for our politicians, who only seem to mention God while pursuing the Christian vote on the campaign trail, they’ll continue to take the easy path here. And if the people are apathetic, who can blame them.

One thing is certain, with Florida currently having a Republican super majority in both houses of government and a Republican Governor, if this bill were a true priority, it would fly through the legislative process. Unfortunately, it rates below personal ambition and keeping the wheels of political contributions well greased.

So again I ask where’s the outrage? And how can Christians expect non-believers to be persuaded by their testimony of God when they themselves appear to have limits on that very faith?