Please Mr. Trump, Don't Run!


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

As America continues to struggle through one of the most tumultuous times in it’s history, we have a President that can often be found out on the golf course, 60 outings in a little over two years, or shooting hoops, or attending one star studded gala after another at the White House.

When our President does find time in his busy schedule to actually preside over the country, he can often be found bowing to foreign leaders, apologizing for America’s past sins or minimizing America’s exceptionalism in this world.

Under the Obama administration, allowing China to dictate economic policy or taking a back seat to France in military matters are just a couple of examples of America’s declining influence in the world around us and, yet, somehow, this is seen as not only acceptable, but unavoidable.

And in these distressing times when this country desperately needs a leader to step forward and re-instill a belief in all that America stands for, enter Donald Trump.

With all due apologies, we’ve suffered the fool of celebrity politicians long enough. The tea party often talks about the need for a ‘statesman’ in these difficult times and Trump is no statesman!

Trump has seen incredible success and colossal failure in his lifetime, yet, in the end, he has made himself into little more than a cartoon character. Just another celebrity with an unchecked ego running roughshod through the protocols of life, not just expecting lavish attention to be thrust upon him, but demanding it.

Yes, if Trump enters the race, it will add dazzle to an otherwise dull lineup thus far, however, this is not the intensity we need. Not only will it turn the Republican primary on it’s head, it will also give those who consider their vote to be little more than a ‘throw away’ an excuse to vote for the comedic value his candidacy would represent.

Fortunately, all indications are that this is but another publicity stunt designed to fulfill his cavernous need for attention, as any serious contender would never dare say the ridiculous things coming out of Trump’s mouth this week.

Unless he’s taking the George Costanza approach to life and doing the opposite of every instinct a rational person would have?

The Donald should do America a favor and go back to Celebrity Apprentice confident in the knowledge that he’s saved thousands of dollars in advertising. Or refocus on real estate, I hear it’s a buyer’s market!