'Hello, Communist Party Calling'






By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

With more and more Americans having been born after the fall of the Berlin Wall and having no recollection of the Cold War, nor memories of the classroom drills of students hiding under desks in the event of a nuclear strike from Russia (not that it would have helped much) and the President of the United States having surrounded himself with countless Socialists and Marxists, the Communist Party of America is feeling bold today.

Bold enough to come right out into the open. And it’s finding a receptive audience in the youth of America who romanticize about something they no little about, being attracted to the rebellious nature of the idea of being a Communist.

See Video – “Hello, Communist Party calling” March 19, 2011

Of course, this is the same mistake Progressives made in the early 1900’s, which led to the eventual repackaging of their ideology under the ‘liberal’ label.

With many in Hollywood fully embracing the Marxist ideology and our education system no longer teaching the atrocities of men like Stalin and Mao that led to the deaths of tens of millions of their very own citizens, it’s not hard to see how the young and impressionable have become such easy prey.