While Tea Party Is Away, Alan Grayson And The Left Come Out To Play


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

Feeling confident that the Central Florida tea party movement was some 250 miles away in Tallahassee, the Progressive Left actually felt safe enough to amass in the streets of Orlando yesterday in noticeable numbers.

Even Alan Grayson found the courage to crawl out from the rock he’s been hiding under since getting his rear-end handed to him in the November 2010 election. And it’s apparent that Dis-Grayson learned little from that drubbing as he was in rare form, spewing the same ridiculous juvenile rhetoric as he pandered to the far left wingnuts that were awash in idolization.

Comparing Gov. Rick Scott to Al Qaeda and insisting that our new Governor is trying to turn Florida into Somalia, his base of those who can best be described as the ‘non-producers’ of society ate it up. Cries of “tax the rich” could be heard from the ‘Stalinist’ wannabes as they gleefully absorbed the inane ramblings of a mad man.

Naturally, the Orlando Sentinel was there to capture it all for posterity. After completely ignoring a similar size rally held two weeks early in Orlando supporting Gov. Scott’s fiscally responsible actions, even with advance notice, the Sentinel was out in full force yesterday.

There’s little wonder why the Sentinel headquarters in downtown Orlando is looking more and more like urban blight. With a declining readership and a continuing loss of relevance in the community, driven by it’s transparent bias toward the Progressive agenda, it’s fully understandable that a can of paint may be a little too pricey for their budget these days.

So the big bad capitalists are trying to keep the “middle class” down? Having been issued a far left wingnut decoder ring which permits one to see beyond the propaganda of the left, allow me to define “middle class” for you;

‘Overpaid government employee union members that make, on average, $9,000 more per year than similar jobs in the private sector and that are often able to retire in their early fifties with pensions that you and I pay for and can only dream of – pensions that are bankrupting cities and states across the land.’

Yet, the only answer the left has to the fiscal disaster awaiting us is to tax the rich more. Take from those who have and give it to those who do not – from each according to his abilities, to each according to his need – wealth redistribution…Socialism.

And a very disturbing trend we see taking place throughout America and right here in Orlando yesterday is our police officers and firefighters marching alongside these radical Marxists and revolutionaries who long for the end of the free market way of life that has made America the most prosperous country in history.

To these valued public servants I ask, where are your values? Is the mentality of ‘what is in it for me’ that important, is personal greed so overwhelming, that you will stand shoulder to shoulder with these people? Really? Take a REAL GOOD look at who your standing with and I recommend you start with ‘turban boy’.

Interestingly, while Grayson was here in Orlando entertaining those on the left who make ‘group-think’ vogue, his former campaign manager, Susannah Randolph was seen in Tallahassee. Yes, her husband is a state representative who was attending the first day of session, yet, it seemed that Ms. Randolph was preoccupied with other matters.

As hundreds of tea party members gathered in the state Capitol to “infuse courage” in our state lawmakers to make the difficult decisions that are necessary to get Florida back on track, as was so aptly stated by Tea Party Network chairwoman Patricia Sullivan, the left was on hand in an attempt to counter this surge of positive energy – failing miserably.

Nonetheless, congratulations are in order for the left for showing a pulse yesterday. And I applaud the sudden interest in flying the American flag at your events. It’s seems you are indeed capable of learning from the tea party. However, please take note, Socialists of tomorrow, as we continue this critically important battle of reining in the entitlement mentality that is destroying this great country, the tea party is back in town.