Tea Party 'Cleaning Up' After The Left...Again


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

In what surely has to be a most fitting metaphor, the tea party movement in Wisconsin will show up in force today at the state Capitol in Madison to ‘clean up’ after the unions and far left agitators who took that facility hostage a couple of weeks back.

As it is, the tea party has been ‘cleaning up’ after the radical far left and it’s big government progressive agenda from it’s very inception some two years ago.

And can there be a more discernable difference between the tea party and the far left than in what each leaves behind in it’s wake. We’ve all seen the pictures of the thorough trashing of the U.S. Capitol grounds after Obama’s inauguration, or similar photos of countless other far left gatherings.

In comparison, we’ve also seen the reverence in which tea party folks respect their surroundings and, more importantly, their fellow man as they gather by the hundreds of thousands, yet leave those surroundings pristine.

It is just one more in a litany of ironies that those who claim to care so much for the environment and regularly condemn the right for being destructive to that end actual exercise very little effort in their personal behavior to put those words into actions.

But even that in itself tells a story about the left’s view of government and brings to light yet another irony in the whole idea of there being two classes of people in America that is so necessary to believe to advance their progressive agenda. This disrespectful, uncaring behavior we see from the left is an indication of their belief that everyone has assigned roles in society and in government having ultimate responsibility for all the unpleasantries in life.

After all, there’s always ‘someone else’ to carry the burden, right? In this case, sanitation workers. Never mind that the sanitation workers are, more often than not, union members and ‘brothers in arms’.

The tea party is often defined in the media as a purely negative force, motivated by such adverse emotions as fear, anger and self interest. The real truth of the matter, which leaves the left lying awake at night, is that the tea party is driven by a strong love for their country, a respect for the institution of government, at least in it’s intended form, and a pride in the knowledge that America still remains the greatest beacon for freedom that the world has ever seen.

So patriots will travel far and wide today in Wisconsin to clean up their beloved Capitol after the squatters left it a mess, and so too will patriots around this great country continue cleaning up the mess that the Progressive Left has made of America over the past two years – one state Capitol and one election at a time.