Matthews; 'War-Hooping Nutbags' Of Tea Party And The Muslim Brotherhood


By Tom Tillison
Florida Political Press

In a report on Media-ite, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews goes off the deep end once again in an attack on the tea party, asking a republican strategist this;

So the Muslim Brotherhood has a parallel role here with the Tea Party, they’re the ones who keep you honest and decide whether you’ve stayed too long? Whether you’ve got a “Sell By” date looming?

And following it up with this comment;

There’s some craziness out there on the right and the fact that these war-hooping nut bags, some of them, are deciding who the senators should be, should make the Democrats . . . feel pretty happy.

Several thoughts come to mind, beginning with the complete irrelevance of Chris Matthews, who lost any credibility he may have ever had when he fawned over Barack Obama immediately after an 08′ campaign speech, uttering the now infamous line, “I felt this thrill going up my leg.” It’s no accident that he is dead last among cable’s talking heads in the ratings game.

So an after-thought like Matthews compares the tea party to the Muslim Brotherhood. Zzzzzzz… What’s new here, right? We’ve grown accustomed to the far left attacking the tea party at every opportunity. But why now, and why in the context that Matthews laid out?

The far left, and for that matter, all of America, were reminded once again this week of just how profoundly the tea party, as dysfunctional as it is – and trust me on this one, it’s dysfunctional – has changed the political landscape in this country. This most recent reminder served up by U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in the choice of language he used as he struck down the crown jewel of the Progressive agenda, ObamaCare as being unconstitutional.

It was a distasteful refresher to the left of just how great an obstacle the tea party is to their long term goals.

Hence, a renewed round of attacks… but there’s more to this. As irrelevant as Matthews is, make no mistake about it, he’s still plugged into the far left ‘machine’ in this country. The vile offerings he emits nightly are but a subconscious betrayal of all that he takes in from the power players within his circle. And in the comments highlighted above, we can see the new strategy from the left.

As the tea party grew in power and influence, the Progressive left tried every way possible to isolate the movement and prevent the GOP from benefiting from this phenomenal awakening of the people. After a concerted effort to create separation between the two entities by demonizing the tea party and then tagging the Republican Party as guilty by association, which failed miserably, the left is now challenging the individual mettle of those who make up the Republican Party by insinuating that the tea party controls their actions and, more importantly, their destiny.

As great as the left is at strategizing and expounding theory, fortunately for us, they’re equally inept at execution. For a group that so successfully promotes non-existent transparency, they’re oh, so transparent. You need look no further than President Obama.

For the GOP and their tenuous relationship with the tea party, these are the best of times, the worst of times…but I think all involved are smart enough to know not to kill the golden goose. At least, for their sake, let’s hope so.

Another unintended betrayal we see in Matthews words is that in his attempt to disparage the tea party, he draws reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, this is the same Muslim Brotherhood that the left have been trying to sell to the American people as being non-violent and insignificant in numbers in the current crisis in Egypt. So which is it?

Matthews lets it be known that the left fully understands the threat this organization poses and that they’re simply minimizing it because of the role the fall of Egypt plays in furthering the Progresive agenda of ‘remaking’ America.

So, there seems to be much more to be gleaned from the babbling’s of idiots than might be readily apparent. Let’s just hope that this revelation doesn’t threaten Chris Matthews’ death lock on last place in the ratings, violent rhetoric aside!