John Mica; A Bond Too Far


By: George Noga

John Mica, beginning his 10th term in Congress, represents Florida’s 7th congressional district which snakes from Winter Park to the Jacksonville city limits. The crazy quilt nature of his district likely discourages serious challengers with a political base only in one part of the district.

That may change when Florida redistricts prior to the 2012 election. A stiff challenge to Mica in the Republican primary is overdue and 2012 post-redistricting may be the right time due to Mica’s apostasy on SunRail and more recently (and more seriously) on the (“BAB”) Build America Bond program – more on that infra.

Despite a generally conservative voting record (100% in some years by the American Conservative Union and over 90% with his party), there are enough reasons why limited government, fiscally conservative voters would want him out. The case for his ouster includes:

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