Tea Party Celebration Of Alan Grayson's Defeat

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Local tea party members celebrated Tuesday’s election results in FL-CD8, which ousted the dastardly Alan Grayson, by hanging a banner outside the freshman Congressman’s office that very night.  The banner was hung on a fence around the parking area outside the building.

Rumor has it a hearty version of Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye broke out just before the banner was erected.

The significance of the signature ‘The Real Truth’ on the banner is a response to campaign emails that Grayson sent out, which he always closed out with ‘The Truth, Alan Grayson’.  Likewise, the term ‘Real Tea Party’ was to signify the difference between the tea party movement and the Florida TEA Party political party that was rumored to be linked to Grayson.




Things just may get boring here in Central Florida now that we’ll no longer have Alan Grayson around to entertain us.