Terrorists on Government Payroll? Only in Illinois

When it comes to terrorists, our greatest concern is usually defending ourselves from their attacks; not worrying about them collecting a government paycheck. However, in Illinois, a convicted terrorist bomber was able to get a job as an Obamacare navigator.

As the National Review pointed out earlier this year, Rasmea Odeh was hired as an Obamacare navigator to assist Obamacare enrollees in Illinois’ state-based exchange. Odeh was convicted in Israel of setting off a bomb that murdered two Hebrew University students who were buying canned goods for a class trip. Years later, she was handling the personal and financial information of Americans, while getting a paycheck from the State of Illinois.

Fortunately, this grave mistake was discovered, and now Odeh has since been indicted for falsifying her immigration papers, when she came to the United States from Lebanon. She only made it to Lebanon in the first place because she was used in a prisoner exchange with Israel, where she had been sentenced to life.

Scores of Pro-Palestinian activists plan to attend her trial to protest, which have raised concerns from federal prosecutors, who allege efforts of jury tampering. Politico reported recently, “In a motion filed Friday in connection with the upcoming trial of Rasmea Odeh, prosecutors accuse activist Hatem Abudayyeh of the Chicago-based Arab American Action Network and other demonstrators of mounting protests aimed at swaying a yet-to-be named jury in Odeh’s case.” 

Feds allege that the effort has been “certainly criminal.”

Odeh’s trial begins tomorrow, November 4, Election Day. This issue has been largely silent in Illinois where a highly unpopular sitting Governor and lawmakers are facing their own trial. However, Odeh has become a hot-button issue in one race in Chicago’s northern suburbs.

Freshman state legislator Scott Drury (D-IL58) has been accused of looking to other way when the issue came to light and some lawmakers demanded action. A resolution was filed by House Republicans for an audit of the Department of Insurance, but Drury among other Democrats voted against the resolution.

Rep. Drury, who is running against Republican Mark Neerhof, did not immediately return a request for comment, but in an email to supporters he stated he “never voted against the resolution.” Illinois House records do not align with Drury’s account of the vote on the resolution and show a clear “NO” vote from Drury.

Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday and in Odeh’s trial, one of the most troubling effects of our lax border security and disastrous implementation of Obamacare will largely fly under the radar.