#YesAllWomen because #BringBackOurGirls was so last week

Last week we were all discussing #BringBackOurGirls and this week we’re discussing #YesAllWomen. Just as 200 girls are still held captive in Africa, I’m going to venture to guess that issues with gender inequality (to whichever degree you believe they exist) will still be around next week.

Are not enough people Tweeting? For the love of God, man Tweet! The world depends on it.

Edmund Burke took humanity to task when he said, “All it takes for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.” It became a moral doctrine in our society that it wasn’t enough to just not do evil things – such a high bar to begin with – you actually had to do things to stop them.

Unfortunately another ill in our social media driven society, we’ve found a loophole: hashtag activism (or #activism if you need to save precious characters.)

If @EdBurke were alive today do you think he would post “For evil to flourish, tweeps need to just not tweet or RT #StopEvil”? No, because he would probably still be wise enough that it takes real action for good to flourish over evil.

Am I asking that everyone create a special ops unit to go retrieve the 200 plus people being held captive? No. I’m asking that people stop thinking that the expression of a sentiment replaces action. Intentions are great and all, but they’re a step not the solution.

The hashtag du jour approach is a shallow exercise to tell those in our social media universe that you care. In fact, you don’t even care if they care – you just want them to know that you care if we’re going to be honest.

If we would like to see good truly triumph over evil in our society, then we need to truly give back. Get involved in a charity, volunteer with a community group. Hell, just visit with an old relative in stead of #tbt a picture of them on Facebook.

As much as social media has been able to connect us with people, it’s isolating us from our ability to make a genuine difference in our world.