Joe the Plumber (Face Palm)

If you’ve been anywhere online the last few hours, you’ve heard Joe the Plumber is back in the news. He stood up for the conservative cause once again. However, instead of standing up to an untested Senator who was applying to become leader of the free world (that world has since gotten smaller), he stood up to a grieving parent who lost a child in the UCSB killings.

For those who have missed it, Joe whose real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher responded to Richard Martinez who criticized the “gun lobby” for a culture that led to his son’s killing by stating, “your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.

Can I borrow Jon Stewart’s VA Scandal Swear Jar?

For the left, Joe’s comments are a wobbly thrown pass ripe for an interception they will take to the house of public opinion. The way they want it and will now have it is that the Second Amendment is a zero sum game between kids and the right to bear arms and dead students are worth that right.

This is the problem we’ve seen with poorly chosen words (either accidental or intentional) by our “allies” on the right time and time again. They like to shoot from the hip but the outcome is merely a straight shot to the foot.

While I agree with Joe in the sense that the occasional (but still too frequent) national tragedy doesn’t override my right to defend myself and my family, but if I argue that point now I’m lumped in with the camp that wants guns at the expense of dead children. There are no complexities or nuances in this debate anymore.

That’s why thanks to conservative talking heads like Joe, rational conservatives can never have nice things.