The Two Best Conservative Pundits Writing Today are Liberals

Walter Russell Mead and Joel Kotkin are both self-declared liberals and yet have taken the liberal establishment to the mat on virtually everyone of today’s most pressing issues.

Kotkin is a demographer, about which is said: demographics is destiny. He charts trends through numbers and tells us California is about to fall into the metaphorical sea under the weight of its unfunded pension liabilities. Kotkin even admits to having voted for Governor Moonbeam. In 2010 no less. But now says he’s sorry for doing so. Moonbeam had a reputation for austerity, but apparently that doesn’t lap over into curbing the enthusiasms of greedy unions.

Mead is a professor somewhere out east and fesses up to being a “lifelong liberal.” And yet he has disparaged what he calls the “blue social model,” which translated is simply the holy grail of liberalism: entitlements, entitlements, entitlements and has called for sanity in that area, something that too few conservative pundits have targeted, being instead too besot with social issues. With the exception of the exceptional Charles Krauthammer and anyone who writes for Weekly Standard.

Mead blogs on American Interest, Kotkin can be found anywhere from the right to the left, from City Journal to New York Times and both are taking liberalism to task. If liberals have half a brain, they will follow these two men and not the false prophets of the left who have risen up as if in anticipation for endtimes.

Here’s Mead’s latest, a screed about the “greening of America,” another issue he’s been all over from the get-go.